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Peons in Bulk

Download bundled episodes of PeonCast! Do it for the Peons! Do it for Poufwa! Do it for the breasts of Hannah Abbott!  (These episodes are also available for streaming at the bottom of this page.)

Season 1, Part 1 of 2, Episodes 1-10

-Season 1, Part 2 of 2, Episodes 11-20

-Season 2, Part 1 of 3, Episodes 21-31

-Season 2, Part 2 of 3, Episodes 32-41 minus 39

PeonCast: The Complete First Season

In the classic first season of PeonCast, Mike doesn’t get number ten and sees a cockroach, PS converts in Montreal and chants “magic” a lot, Richard the Harmonian posts on SIYE, Jen2’s “S” key bids a fond farewell, and Kezza reads Snarry.

Episode 1Seventeen Minutes Til Midnight in Casablanca by Laura Laurent

Episode 2Listen To Your Heart by wrtter0flife037

Episode 3Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Cure the Common Cold by gbtso

Episode 4Dumbledore’s Army: Drabble Series, by Kaymbee

Episode 5A Distinctly Different Manner of Finding Prince Charming by Maya

Episode 6Open at the Close by DQBunny

Episode 7Willpower 3: Understanding by ChreeChree

Episode 8Maps to the Stars’ Homes by LizBee

Episode 9Minding the Baby by kschneyer

Restricted Section #1 – Restricted Podcast #1

Episode 10Horace Slughorn and the Cauldron of Secrets, by PS

Episode 11 A Christmas Like No Other, by Melindaleo

Episode 12 Falling Free, by Alecto

Episode 13 Elemental, by Purple Fluffy Cat

Episode 14 Not as a Last Resort, by Arabella

Episode 15 Visiting Arthur, by Arnel

Episode 16 Veiled, by greengecko

Episode 17 – Poufwa does Snarry

Episode 18 At the Leaky, by Gingerale

Episode 19 A Very Young Girl’s Record of Her Own Impressions, by Eggo Waffles

Episode 20 – PS Meets the Press

PeonCast Season 2: The Next Generation

With our first band of Peons promoted upstairs, the next generation picks up the torch!

Episode 21In the Beginning: The Beginning by CreativeQuill

Episode 22In the Beginning: The Middle by CreativeQuill

Episode 23In the Beginning: The End by CreativeQuill

Episode 24A Different Fate, Part 1 of 2 by lordhellebore

Episode 25A Different Fate, Part 2 of 2 by lordhellebore

Episode 26Greater than Gravity, Part 1 by startinglines

Episode 27Greater than Gravity, Part 2 by startinglines

Episode 28Tied Together by stmargarets

Episode 29Wisdom to Know the Difference by thanfiction

Episode 30Praeclarus Merde and Ducere by thanfiction

Episode 31Up to Speed by Amelida Bedelia

Episode 32Friends by Antosha

Episode 33 – Fame by Antosha

Episode 34 – The F Word by Antosha

Episode 35 – Family by Antosha

Episode 36 – First by Antosha

Episode 37 – Forever by Antosha

Episode 38 – Folly Act I and Folly Act II by Antosha

Episode 39 – Christmas 1980 by Ignipes

Episode 40 – Folly Act III by Antosha

Episode 41Fortune and The F-Series Fireworks by Antosha

Episode 42 – A Garden, A Blender, and a Big Pizza Pie, by JK Rowling

Episode 43The Wizard and the Hopping Pot by Vikki3

Episode 44Cauterize by lady altair

Episode 45The Thinking Cap by Andrea13

Episode 46The Thinking Cap and The Thinking Cap Returns by Andrea13

Episode 47Legacy of the Thinking Cap by Andrea13

Episode 48 – Registration by Sam_StoryTeller, or Copperbadge

Episode 49Sepia by Red Sioda

Episode 50In the Garden by Aggiebell, AKA Jules

Episode 51Tradition by Kezza

Episode 52The Baby Tale by Kezza

Episode 53Number Eight Privet Drive by rhye

Episode 54Letting Go by Fics by Fumph

Episode 55Wednesday Dates and A Proper Place, by fizzmonkeys

Episode 56Platform i by shewhoguards

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