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Episode 83 – The Great Big Lioness, Harry’s on Queer Eye making fish tacos, Attack-Turkey Episode of WIN!

Episode 83 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

A whole slew of different people podcast tonight in this third and last installment of our three-part series covering When a Lioness Fights by kayly silverstorm!

In this two-part episode covering Chapters 38 – 77:

~ Ryan has wank;

~ Jen Classic makes Jen2 steer the ship;

~ Jen2 shocks Julia by suggesting a slash relationship between Harry and Draco, thus officially turning on Julia’s gaydar(which isn’t nearly as sensitive as her Jewdar);

~ Queer Eye for the Straight Guy makes its mark on the HP fandom and Harry shall forevermore be making fish tacos with Ted in the Grimmauld Place kitchen;

~ Dumbledore’s lemondrops make another appearance, only this time we’re not sure whether they’re entirely legal;

~ We do a decent job of actually discussing the story;

~ Omly shares about the family’s guard donkey and Julia explains the function of an Israeli attack turkey;

~ and Jen2 shares a musical selection from YouTube by Sungha Jung, child-prodigy and guitarist extraordinaire, in the hopes that everyone else will be plagued by SIHS as well! (Intermission music is also a selection featured from Sungha Jung’s YouTube archive!) Thanks a lot, JULES!

In Episode 26 of PeonCast, titled Greater than Gravity Take Two, the Peons feature Greater Than Gravity, by startinglines!

Due to technical difficulties this is our second try at Greater than Gravity.

~ Fresh fruit and chocolates

~ Salad is boring

~ “Mails here”

~ Hawks vs. Old People

~ Puffed up Percy

~ Merlin is REAL

~ Sword in the Stone

~ Percy’s wand

~ “Audrey, do you know what cola is?”

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Jen Classic, Jen2, PS, Julia, Raesive, Omly, Sue
Episode Special Guests: Ryan, eBaby
Episode Peons: Sue, Kayla, Kelly, Scott
Poufwa Editor: Jen2
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 3’34’37


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