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Episode 101 – Mike’s Farewell: Dethryl makes pasta

Episode 101 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Except for one final Poufwa Exchange episode that has yet to see the light of day, this episode is Mike’s last contribution to PotterFicWeekly. There’s no one else in the universe quite like Mike, and I find it difficult to put into words precisely what that was that he added to our podcast over the years! Certainly, images of LadyChi in African safari gear, collapsing tables, and four thousand cockroaches are flashing before my eyes.

Mike, please give our best to Kim, Meg, Phil and the other lost Poufwa hosts when you meet up with them beyond the rim. Rest assured that the next batch of Poufwa episodes to come have, fortunately, very stellar content, truly Poufwanian stuff that I’m immeasurably proud of. I’m grateful to you for spraying us down with your special brand of oomph before leaving.

Safe journey, and on behalf of Poufwa: Bai!

Oh, in recognition of your years of tireless service, please do enjoy this jar of store-bought pasta sauce.

This episode covers Chapters 35-45 of In Blood Only, by EM Snape, and our final of four episodes on the fic!

Join us next week for three spectacular Poufwa episodes covering Tale of a Time Long Gone, by Star of the North.

We all know of them, for without them where would Hogwarts be? Bold Gryffindor, Fair Ravenclaw, Sweet Hufflepuff, Shrewd Slytherin. Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In episode 44 of PeonCast, Learning to Live With What Life has Dealt You, the Peons discuss Cauterize, by lady_altair.

~Robert has pants
~Tricia is in her jammies
~Robert is confused…oh, wait.
~The Celebrity Guest Star
~No Twilight
~Tricia’s drooling
~Robert sparkles
~Charlie-the brash Weasley
~Harry’s chest = Victory
~Tricia’s grossed out??
~Kelly’s photo lesson
~Now Scott’s sparkling
~Fred’s hand
~Draco the hero?

Happy listening!

Hosts: PS, Mike
Peons: Dethryl, Rae
PeonCast: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Tricia, Robert
Poufwa Editor: Wayne
PeonCast Editor: Sue, Scott
Episode Length: 2’29’32


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