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Episode 102 – Ninja Deer, Ryan is Lord, and I Triple-DogDare you!

Episode 102 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

For the next three weeks, join Poufwa as we travel back in time and visit the Four Founders of Hogwarts, with Star of the North’s Tale of a Time Long Gone! In tonight’s podcast, we cover the first seven chapters, which on FF.net would be the prologue through Chapter 6.

We’ve never been closer to the Founders than Bob Hufflepuff and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, so when reading the summary, We all know of them, for without them where would Hogwarts be? Bold Gryffindor, Fair Ravenclaw, Sweet Hufflepuff, Shrewd Slytherin, I was expecting stereotypical, one-dimensional echoes of Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Draco. I couldn’t have been more mistaken, and Star of the North created a very deep world where the founders are fully realized people not remembered with startling accuracy. These characters are my new canon, so please enjoy!

Rinna was also hit by a wild animal. Swallow all liquids, for it’s at the top of the fold!

This episode, when recorded, also blew up the Poufwa forum for about nine days. Memories…

Also in this episode:

There is singing.
Kezza needs netflicks.
Aaron, Asleep again? He’ll never live that down.
Mr. Kezza has a stalker.
Aaron can’t multitask.
Hat is Alive.
Molly is Jewish.
More singing
Rinna, the mad stapler
Kezza is the new Mike.
Rocks, rocks and more rocks
Who has the bigger, er, Horse?
I am a Ravenclaw.
Who goes there?

In episode 45 of PeonCast, We’re interchangeable, Was there a Fic? and We love the Banter, the Peons discuss The Thinking Cap, by Andrea13. An audio version of the fic is available, courtesy of Scott!

~Scott has audiofic
~Come to the PFW Forum
~We are A-Typical
~PFW-An AU of our own
~Sue recruits a young Puff
~Kezza is a Hufflepuff
~Hannah has Boobs
~Kelly’s joke
~Helga and the Badgers
~Ravenclaw’s not so bad
~Neville-the brave one
~Kayla can’t talk

Happy listening!

Hosts: Kezza, Rinna, PS
Peons: Dethryl, Aaron
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Kayla
Poufwa Editor: Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’20’57


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