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Season 8 Guide

These Cuts I Have by Melindaleo
Hello again. Those of you who’ve read my stories in the past know that my favorite scenes are always the aftermaths. One of my biggest fears going into Deathly Hallows was that it would end during the battle, and we wouldn’t get much of an aftermath. Sadly for me, that proved true — we didn’t get ANY aftermath. Still, the quote at the beginning of this story leads me to believe there would have had to be some adjustment time for all of them, despite how well they were coping at the end of the book. This little plot bunny has stayed with me. For those of you who are like me and missed that, I hope it can fill some of the gaps…

Episode 244; Chapter 1 – 8
Episode 245; Chapter 9 – 14
Episode 246; Chapter 15 – 20
Episode 247; Chapter 21 – 25
Episode 248; Chapter 26 – 31

I Know Not, and I Cannot Know–Yet I Live and I Love by billowsandsmoke
Severus Snape has his emotions in check. He knows that he experiences anger and self-loathing and a bitter yearning, and that he rarely deviates from that spectrum… Until the first-year Luna Lovegood arrives to his class wearing a wreath of baby’s breath. Over the next six years, an odd friendship grows between the two, and Snape is not sure how he feels about any of it.

Episode 249; One Shot

After Magic by Bartimus Crotchety
When Fred Weasley died, it took the heart right out of the Weasleys. Now another one of their number is risking everything to bring Fred back. Can they pull together and save him? Or will it be one more devastating blow? Prequel to Albus Potter YotB.

Episode 250; Chapter 1 – 8

Dudley’s Dilemma by kakistocrat
Dudley Dursley had a very nice life. A good job, a nice house, a loving family. He even had his parents living nearby. Then, one short walk with his four year old daughter changed that all.

Episode 251; Chapter 1 – 8
Episode 252; Chapter 9 – 18
Episode 253; Chapter 19 – 24
Episode 254; Chapter 25 – 31

How Moody Got His Eye by pyttan
Losing parts of yourself is not something that is easily handled.

Episode 255; One shot

The Serpent and the Mirror by Paimpont.
Dr. Dumbledore suspects that Harry’s hallucinations about Hogwarts and the Dark Lord hold the clues to a terrible family secret. What are the Potters hiding? And what is Harry’s relationship to the shadowy Voldemort?

Episode 256; Chapter 1 – 10

Prisoners by Whitetail.
Left with partial paralysis after being tortured by Voldemort, Severus is sent to Bell Point, a secure location on the seaside owned by the Order of the Phoenix. However, he is not the only one who will be there, for Harry, refusing to express his emotions regarding Sirius’ death, has unknowingly invoked an ancient kind of magic that will force him to deal with them. Deaged to four years old, he has to contend with a bitter and broken Snape, who, like Harry, is being forced to live in a body that does not work the way it used to. These two vastly different people have beat the odds many times over, and somehow prevailed in a world that has tried time and time again to destroy them. But the challenges they now face are nothing like they’ve ever seen before. Will they rise to the occasion, or become prisoners within themselves? .

Episode 257; Chapter 1 – 5
Episode 258; Chapter 6 – 12
Episode 259; Chapter 13 – 18
Episode 260; Chapter 19 – 23
Episode 261; Chapter 24 – 28

The Greatest Minister of Magic by BajaB.
…take the steps I have suggested, and you will be remembered, in office or out, as one of the bravest and greatest Ministers of Magic we have ever known.” – Albus Dumbledore – Goblet of Fire

Episode 262; One shot

The Heirs of Hufflepuff by Morrighan
At the very end of her life, Helga Hufflepuff is persuaded into choosing an heir.


The Staff Meeting by Morrighan
Shortly after the end of P/SS Dumbledore calls a staff meeting. Not much happens.

Episode 263; One shot

Becoming Neville by Jedi Rita
Neville’s Gran breaks her hip just after his fifth year at Hogwarts, and he must spend the summer with Harry and Remus. They discover a hidden message in the candy wrappers his mother has been giving him, and begin to uncover the mystery.

Episode 264; Chapters 1 – 8
Episode 265; Chapters 9 – 15
Episode 266; Chapters 16 – 23
Episode 267; Chapters 24 – 34

Special Edition 44: That Poor Hippo
Special Edition 45: Ron’s Shopping Adventure
Special Edition 46: And Now, PotterFicWeekly, Part 1: Ten Years of Poufwa

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