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Episode 88 – The Combined Colliding Forces of Frozen Kezza, Menopausal Jen2, and Whormione

In honor of the release of ABC’s new series Flashforward, we flashback without reason to Episode 86 at several points in this episode. Sadly, we’re so random anyway you likely won’t notice!

Episode 88 of PotterFicWeekly, our funniest episode yet, has been released!

For the next nine episodes, Poufwa dives butt first into Barb’s classic Psychic Serpent Trilogy!

In Harry’s fifth year he gets a snake with the Sight. Hermione’s torn between Ron and Harry, who’s torn between her and Ginny, who’s torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who’s torn between her and loyalty to his father. Plus: a Prophecy, Animagus training, a Dueling Club, Snape’s Penseive, kilts, giants, house elf liberation and more!

Over the next few weeks, prepare for in-depth character analysis, lips drawn into invisible lines, Hermione’s bikini, sex-ed with Mike, possums with Kezza, and Poufwa’s best Spamelot! As we close in on Episode 100, and more importantly – sweeps! – watch for your favorite Poufwanians to pair off!

In tonight’s episode, we cover Chapters 1-10 of Psychic Serpent!

Jen2 and Kezza are forced to make a thingie…

Mike, lights, and the wall cockroach!

Mike predicts the end of the Psychic Serpent triology after reading something like six paragraphs, and knocks his inability to comprehend mpreg firmly into second place on the “Top Ten Mike Moments” listing!

Hermione’s bikini pops up, or something like that.

Mike knocks his prediction on the end of the Psychic Serpent trilogy firmly into second place, and his inability to comprehend mpreg firmly into third place, with his own self-ship projection, revealing his middle name and PS’ first name for the first time. Oh, you thought they were two different names? You must be a new listener!

Jen2 ships Ryan, Kezza ships Ryan, Mike ships PS, Jen2 ships Kezza, Son and Heir ships eBaby, Danny ships Sandy, and Ryan ships Mike!

There’s singing. A cat dies.

On tonight’s PeonCast, disaster struck. Cody’s computer exploded and melted her lines for tonight’s episode. Not to allow fantastic episode to go to waste, Sue recruits Mike to play Cody!

Please join the peons in reviewing Up to Speed, by Amelia Bedelia!

Lily and James used to be best friends, hanging out in their neighborhood with each other. But once they were accepted into Hogwarts, they went their separate ways – James, the popular prankster, and Lily, the know-it-all bystander. But will their past be able to bring them back together?

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Jen2, Kezza, Mike
Episode Guests: Dethryl
Peons: Sue, Cody, Kelly, Scott, Tricia
Poufwa Editor: Ryan
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 3’17’24


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