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Episode 103 – The PS Files: Murder, Smut and Fairywings

Episode 103 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In this episode, Mike and Ryan finally understand it all!

Following the melting of Ryan’s laptop, Poufwa One, and the original version of this episode – a stunning and artfully crafted piece of audio delight – to preserve an important piece of essential Poufwa history, we re-imagine (like Battlestar Galactica) the moment at which PS finally enables Mike to finally understand that Aaron is heterosexual – as he has consistently been.

Like forever.

Ryan meets PS … and finds out that she has hidden a very important piece of herself from us, but he’s not letting her get away with that any longer!

And Rinna – who nearly tried to strangle the other hosts during the lost ‘magical Cylons invade Hogwarts’ plot bunny exploration, makes up for it with a tripping dream where Kezza is pregnant, Ryan insists he’s the father and Mr Kezza doesn’t know – he’s not even home!

Dethryl brings drinks and the world’s biggest moustache, and all of this takes place in the first 25 minutes, before we start to discuss the fic, Star of the North’s Tale of a Time Long Gone, Chapters 8-15, which on FF.net would be 7-14. You’ll understand when you get there.

Oh, and the Peon’s have a special announcement…

Speaking of Peons, in Episode 46 of PeonCast, The Letter T is bigger than a Bread Box?…and Bumper Stickers, the Peons discuss The Thinking Cap Returns and Riddle of the Thinking Cap, by Andrea13. An audio version of the fic is available, courtesy of Scott!

~Twitter saves the Podcast
~We miss Luna
~They are Bored
~Something Black – A Badger
~Kelly is surrounded
~Harry was suppose to DUCK
~Kelly moves us along
~Fred and George: Headmasters
~BooHoo Fred
~Continuing Education
~Albus breaks the news
~Toad Breath
~Old Moldy shorts
~Helga is a Happy Badger

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, PS, Kezza
Peons: Sue, Scott, Dethryl
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Oliversgal
Poufwa Editor: Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’36’05


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