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Episode 89 – Blah, blah, blah, blah … blah, blah … blah blah – and Huggles is Getting Hitched!

In this instalment of PotterFicWeekly, we review chapters 11-23 of The Psychic Serpent by Barb. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

In the actual fic …

Hermione visits the water cooler to protect against Harry’s super sperm

Harry’s penis is conflicted and leading him around the castle like his own very short leash

Draco Malfoy is a Skeevy Perv, George has a beautiful chest and fake Neville, the bagel is not horny enough

Sandy is a Big Brother Contestant but clearly, it’s actually a teen sex comedy – behold, Porky’s at Hogwarts

In other news …

The ED belongs to Ryan (unfortunate …)

Aaron and Dethryl are too young to laugh about sixteen candles and Daniel Radcliffe is a poor’ little tiny man

None of this was apparently enough to keep a red-blooded American male awake … WAKE UP AARON!

On Tonight’s PeonCast Scott goes MIA but Editor Sue comes to the rescue as the team begin their sojourn with Antosha’s F Words, er series, with the first fic – Friends.

Introducing Ryan and Chi’s Love Child

~Cody is in a tunnel

~Luna has Faith

~Dan doesn’t know which twin dies

~ Terrible Teens

~It’s all Sue’s fault

~Scott’s audio is contagious

~Kayla’s blond moment

Episode Hosts: The Ghost of Ryan, Jen2, Kezza
Episode Guests: Melinda, Aaron, Dethryl
Peons: Sue, Cody, Scott, Kelly, Kayla
Peon Special Guest:
Poufwa Editor: Omly, Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’29’52


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