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Episode 95: Sexy possums, lonely Kezza, and Barb: the small business owner

Episode 95 of PotterFicWeekly has been released, with coverage of Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy, Chapters 11-23!

Tonight’s episode summary, provided by Scarlett, LLC:

Ryan is uncomfortable
Reality as told by the Son & Heir
In which there are Zoo MRIs
Happy Aug-Hallow-cember
Ryan/Kezza: The Quibbler got there first!
Hagrid is armed
Sue is a razor-toothed alien
Bernad. Nuff said.
Ryan is a time traveler
Matt & Ryan geek out
Canada is not safe anymore
Poufwanians are map-challenged
Petunia Potter: Brain Bleach Pronto
A Hufflepuff Revolt
Boats capsize, so the world is good
Kezza doesn’t know canon
Ryan and Kezza equal illegal, but they have theme music
Matt cannot talk
BAD kissing jokes (sans lemurs)
The plot says so…we’re still cranky
Hermione – The Battered Girlfriend
Harry & Hermione are not allowed a Delorean
Shhh….plot’s talking…time for logic to hush
Neville’s getting snogged!
Poufwa just went where PeonCast went. So, who started the bloody thing?
1 VAT of brain bleach please
Master Harry-Wan Kenotti
Kezza pulls a Ryan and monologues
Dragon jam! Now in handy resealable jars
Kezza is a circular podcaster
BAD cat jokes. Still no lemurs involved.
Splodey brainz tiem nao.

Don’t miss next week’s episode, complete with coverage of the final chapters of the trilogy and an interview with Barb!

On PeonCast #38: Luna’s Lost her Mind, Bandicoots and Clean the Table, covering Folly Act 1 and Folly Act 2, by Antosha!

~Kayla is Ryan
~Sue-er doesn’t work
~Never mess with a Hufflepuff
~Neville kisses and tells
~Luna logic
~Snorkacks do exist
~Sirius drives by
~Purple People Snorkack Eater…..
~Dung bombs rule

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Kezza
Episode Guests: Dethryl, Matt, Sue
Peons: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Kayla
Poufwa Editor: Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’51’44


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