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Season 6 Guide

My Nephew Harry by Lucillia
During the two months she had watched her eight year-old nephews, Marge Dursley discovered that Petunia was a pathological liar, Vernon had somehow been brainwashed by that no good b***h, Dudley was the spawn of Satan, and Harry was actually a good kid.

Episode 174; Chapters 1 – 5
Episode 175; Chapters 6 – 10
Episode 176; Chapters 11 – 14

A Most Interesting Career by step_fics.
Neville looks back over certain days in his career teaching at Hogwarts.

Episode 177; Chapters 1 – 5

Eleven Slightly Irreverent Ron and Hermione’s Wedding Moments by redsiodaslair.
Ron and Hermione’s wedding day.

Episode 178; One Shot

A Better Man by Valandar.
Vernon changed in the beginning to be a better man, thanks to a wish. How will this affect Harry, and the entire Wizarding World?

Episode 179; Chapter 1 – 6
Episode 180; Chapter 7 – 12
Episode 181; Chapter 13 – 18
Episode 182; Chapter 19 – 24
Episode 183; Chapter 25 – 31
Episode 184; Chapter 32 – 38
Episode 185; Chapter 39 – 46
Episode 186; Chapter 47 – 54
Special Edition 38: He’s a Guy, Blow UP Dolls and Mary Sue

Soul Bound by sarhea.
One event moves the Q-Continuum to act, a choice that changes the paths of two individuals on two different worlds in two different times.

Episode 187; Chapter 1 – 3
Episode 188; Chapter 4 – 6
Episode 189; Chapter 7 – 9

On Morphing, Mischief and Memory by Oboe-Wan.
On his first day at Hogwarts, Teddy Lupin is preoccupied with a gift from his godfather.

Episode 190; One shot

In Care Of by Fang’s Fawn.
During the summer before sixth year, Harry finds an injured bat in the garden and decides to try to heal it…and an unwilling Snape learns just what kind of a person Harry Potter really is. No slash

Episode 191; Chapter 1 – 5
Episode 192; Chapter 6 – 10
Episode 193; Chapter 11 – 16

Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger by Bartimus Crotchety.
His fears? Flying…his own wand…fitting in…sticking out! His best friends? A passionate fire-breathing cousin, and a cool, aloof Death Eater’s son. His House…er…Hufflepuff? Meet the new Trio, Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Rose Weasley

Episode 194; Chapter 1 – 6
Episode 195; Chapter 7 – 12
Episode 196; Chapter 13 – 18
Episode 197; Chapter 19 – 24
Episode 198; Chapter 25 – 30
Special Edition 39: Tricia, Liam’s a Man of Mystery.

Shadow Walks by lorien829.
Very much a heartbreaker, set 5 years after a Final Battle in which Hermione is (apparently) killed by Bellatrix (though no body is ever found). 5 years on, and Ron’s drinkng himself into oblivion out of guilt and Harry, who had finally realised just how much she meant to him but never got the chance to tell her, is working himself to death and slowly cracking up… until the capture of a rogue Death Eater yields a tantalising clue suggesting a conspiracy and that Hermione may not be dead after all…..

Episode 199; Chapter 1 – 8
Episode 200; Chapter 9 – 15
Episode 201; Chapter 16 – 22

Frog Prince by St. Margarets.
This is a re-telling of the fairy tale, The Frog Prince. I’ve wanted to write a story about Theodore Nott and Luna Lovegood ever since Red is the Heart. When the fairy tale topic came up on the Fluff thread at the Quill I finally found my plot.

A Toad of a Hero by St. Margarets.
This story was written as a birthday gift for Dogstar, who wrote Asking For Roses, a wonderful Neville/Hannah Abbott story. Dogstar is planning a seventh-year story from Neville’s point of view. In the first chapter of her story, Neville sets Trevor free as soon as he is off the train. This is the story of their reunion as well as an alternate point of view of the Battle of Hogwarts. The passages in italics are taken from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows..

Episode 202; Both Frog Prince of Slytherin and A Toad of a Hero

Special Editions:
Special Edition 37: Christmas, Football and Pumpkin Pancakes
Special Edition 38: He’s a Guy, Blow UP Dolls and Mary Sue
Special Edition 39: Tricia, Liam’s a Man of Mystery

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