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Sue found Harry Potter through school children she worked with, it was love at first read. It wasn’t until after Deathly Hallows that she discovered fan fiction. She is willing to try anything, once, but it has to be well done to keep her interested. Soon after she discovered fan fic, she found Poufwa. At first intimidated by the forums, she soon became a regular contributer. It wasn’t long before she was sending in voicemails and Poufwa warnings, that lead to PeonCast.

In real life she is a preschool teacher and lives on a Herb and Chicken farm. At least once a week finds her washing 10 to 15 dozen eggs, usually while listening to a podcast. She loves to garden, kayak, cook and make herbal remedies and salves, which she sends to friends and family.

Email me at Sueatducksfoot@potterficweekly.com.



Scott started reading fanfiction in 2001, became more active with fandom things in 2005, and discovered PFW via nomination round in October 2007, just weeks before the Halloween Ball.  Interest caught, he’s been hanging around the forum with a fair amount of constancy ever since.  His Sorting saw Hufflepuff very narrowly edging out Ravenclaw, and he’s been at various times a Prefect, Head Boy, Wizengamot member, and even Acting Head of House for one weekend.

Scott first appeared on the podcast during the inaugural Christmas special, and went on to contribute a few clips for intros, a voicemail and some podcast editing.  His first appearance on a standard episode was #45, and while not precisely a regular, he has been on several since.  Scott can also be heard singing a PFW intro song that he and Kismatt collaborated on in spring 2008, playing various parts in Masterfic Theatre and other skits, and reading audio fic in the Media section.

With the close of Season 2 and Peoncast Season 1, Scott was asked if he’d be interested in becoming an official Peon, and has thus been recording Peoncasts pretty constantly since December 2008.  Scott lives in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, uses the word ‘interesting’ a touch too often, and has rather enjoyed writing this in the third person, once he worked out what to say.



Ryan made me do this.

I was born a poor black child.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t. I just love Steve Martin movies.

I’m Kelly, aka Kismatt, and I’m a Harry Potter addict. I have been a member of the PotterFicWeekly forum (and family) since January 2008, when, after months of denial, I finally caved and listened to the first few PFW eps about After the End.

Let me back up a bit. In 2004, my best friend and I took her adopted daughter to the movies. She couldn’t decide which to see? Shrek 2 or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? so we went to both. It was my first HP movie, and I was fascinated. I read the books and watched the movies that were out at that time, but since I was fully entrenched in the Stargate: SG-1 fandom, I didn’t look for anything Potter-related material online.

Fast forward three years to a month before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The conversations at work started to revolve around the previous books, and soon several of us were reading and listening to the books in anticipation of the release of DH. I decided to go to the midnight release for the book, and spent most of the following Saturday reading. The following Monday I finally saw Order of the Phoenix, and I was hooked.

I did manage to resist the urge to read fanfic until a friend sent me a link to ArtDungeon’s collage-like “Big Damn Anvil” which then sent me to more art, of which one had a link to a fic. Ack!! I read fanfic for a few months, and then discovered PFW and the bunch of crazy people called a Forum. The rest, as you know, is history.

Outside of Potterverse, I am a computer geek (even certified at one point), a knitter, a yarn collector, and a dog mom. I also enjoy watching movies, nature hikes, and going for drives. At some point, I’d like to write a book about old places in St. Louis, Missouri, where I grew up and still live. I’m also a pancake addict, and should be on a 12-step program. I am working on several narration projects, including AtE and other stories which are available on my website.




Tricia, also known as mslupin, (Not MS Lupin -I am not Microsoft, people!) is a single mother of her own Ulrich the Oddball. If she is not podcasting, you can find her working at her job, knitting, dragging her Oddball around, dodging her cat Fleury (aka Fleur), getting shocked, or trying to get a run in.

Tricia found Harry Potter through her cousin, who she took to see the third movie in Imax. After the movie, Tricia had so many questions that her cousin told her to read the damn books. The next day, Tricia got all five books and read them in a week. Like everyone else Tricia could not wait for the sixth book to come out so she googled everything about HP. That is when she found MuggleNet. She found a podcast that was talking about fanfiction and went to check what the heck fanfiction was all about.

Well, guess what people? She got hooked big time! From there she fell in love with Snape. But you ask why is her name mslupin… because Lupin is her true love and Snape is the bad boy that we should not love but do. The fanfiction that made her fall head over heels in love with the greasy git was “Tea with the Black Dragon.” (It is a very mature story) She loves it so much that she got a tattoo of a black dragon drinking from a tea cup on her back. That is freaky, people!




“Dis Kayla. She wurk hard, live in restront. She made you a bio but I eated it.” Scott, when asked by Kayla on what she should put in her Bio

Kayla apologizes for any future clanging background noises, sometimes sounding like she is in restaurant, by a waterfall, a dog kennel or in a crowded room. Having a bedroom loft, above her kitchen, and still living at home doesn’t always provide ideal recording conditions.
She started reading Harry Potter back in grade 7 during a study hall, after a fellow classmate had given it to her as something to read. A little over 11 years later she still as fan! It took a little bit longer to get into the fandom. Not until purchasing an ipod and discovering Pottercast and Mugglecast in the fall of 2006, did she even know a fandom existed. Her first fanfic was Melinda’s “The Seventh Horcux” after hearing her interviewed on Pottercast. After listening to Spellcast’s New Year’s episode of 08 with Ryan and Jen she subscribed and then shortly joining the forums. And she has loved every minute of it and never laughing harder at a podcast.

Other than Harry Potter, Kayla in interested in travel, history, culture, Irish dance, and reading.

Kayla also prays that Jen’s predictions of Yellowstone blowing up won’t ever happen in her lifetime as she is a former resident of the area and visits her friends there often.

* As of October 2009, Kayla will be moving to Germany for a year to Au Pair for a family, and due to an awkward time difference, will no longer be able to be a a regular Peon. It’s been a lot of fun and will miss recording on a regular basis. Sue, Kelly, and Scott have been the best! I love being a part of this community and can’t begin to explain how much it means to me. Thank all for everything and see you around!!


Know to those on the forum as Lassie, Kat is currently attempting to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. When she’s not studying, and not on Poufwa, she’s with her kids (yes, as Episode 113 establishes, she has kids), practicing for her Wizard Rock band – Pomona Sprout and the Hufflepuffs, trying to finish her manuscript, and once in a while you actually might find her sleeping.

She got her Hogwarts letter in 1999 on her brother’s birthday instead of her own (she blames the Owl Post) in the form of the first two Harry Potter novels. From the moment Ron started upchucking slugs, Kat was hooked on Harry Potter. She tore through the first three novels and then, decidedly bored and knowing there wouldn’t be another book for a while (waiting for book 4 was murder…), she searched on the Internet for a possible release date and found The Leaky Cauldron. Fast-forward to nearly a decade later, to the end of 2008. Kat had long found herself lost in a sea of fans on Leaky and Mugglenet, and was in search of some place where she could belong that was geared more towards adults. She stumbled upon Poufwa and it was love at first click.

As if Kat isn’t busy enough with her daily life, she was invited by Sue to be a Guest Peon in 2009, and after the Peon’s were upgraded to hosts, she became a guest host by “sheer, dumb luck.”

Past Hosts

A lot of our hosts have moved on from PotterFicWeekly and are now working on our sister podcast: The Poufwa Exchange. Others pop up once in a while, and we at PotterFicWeekly would like to remind them that they’re welcome back any time!


Hometown: Massachusetts

Irked that he couldn’t locate an indepth Harry Potter fanfiction podcast, Ryan started PotterFicWeekly on February 11, 2007. Since that time, he has learned that goats make excellent lawnmowers, keys will sometimes come out of the ignition even if the car isn’t firmly in park, and that drugged-up podcast hosts = big numbers. He firmly wants PotterFicWeekly to be less structured and more casual than other podcasts, which is evident by its average three hour running time and by the fact that Jen frequently leaves halfway through the podcast to go get her laundry or to kiss her giant Snape blowup doll.



The Plaid Slytherin (PS to her friends), holder of the titles Fakest Real Laugh and Shortest Poufwa Host, is a fanfiction author in the Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica fandoms. She is perhaps most well-known for her passionate love of Horace Slughorn, Jack Harkness, Haruhi Suzumiya and Saul Tigh. If anything can figure out what these four characters have in common, they deserve house points.

A lifelong SF fan who assuredly knows the difference between a toy boat and a boat boat, PS first read Harry Potter in 1999 and has been in the fandom for many years. She joined Poufwa right after Deathly Hallows was released and hasn’t looked back, having since become an H/G Jehovah’s Witness. Her additional loves include anime, baseball, clipboards and learning foreign languages.

Email me at theplaidslytherin@potterficweekly.com and read my fics here.



Kezza is a Harry Potter fan from waaaaay back – all the way back to 2006. She’s been reading fanfiction since then and started compulsively writing her own works in mid 2007 after the release of Deathly Hallows. A mother of three, she has sort of brainwashed the kids and now they go around calling their father Voldemort. Hey, he started it … she just bought them their wands.

If you are looking for Kezza, you can find her clinging to the bottom of the world while the rest of PFW sleeps. She is either writing fanfiction, reading fanfiction or studying. As a full time Education student at university Kezza spends half her time avoiding writing her Honours thesis and the other half risking her life by hanging out her washing and other such noble pursuits.

An unrepentant Harry/Ginny shipper, Kezza spends her spare time giggling with Jen2, squeeing over Harry/Ginny fluff and editing Potterficweekly podcasts.

Email me at kezza@potterficweekly.com



By day, Jen2 is a stay-at-home-mommy who blows spit bubbles and plays tea party to amuse her young daughter when she’s not microwaving Kraft Cheese and Macaroni or doing something equally domestic or nauseating. By night, however, Jen2 is a raging Harry/Ginny shipper who was introduced to the addiction of fanfic while awaiting the publication of Deathly Hallows. An avid reader and writer, Jen2 will read and review anything from the shampoo bottle to her dinner menu ~ and she’s not afraid to say what she thinks!

When Jen2 isn’t surfing the forum, working on PeonCast, mommying the eBaby, writing one of her current H/G WiP’s or ignoring her housework, she can usually be found talking to Kezza. If she’s can’t be found in one of those places, give it up. She’s sleeping!

Email me at jen2@potterficweekly.com



Jen (though I don’t know why I am referring to myself in the third person, but hey – am very much grammatically correct!), has been a Harry Potter fangirl since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone novel came out. After the release of the first movie, she discovered the world of Harry Potter Fanfiction (which was a good thing, because that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fanfic, was starting to look really good – very scary thought), and has yet to return to the world of reality. She considers herself an expert on all that is fanfiction, but is constantly on the quest of finding bigger, better, and more out-there fanfic stories and ships, and is constantly expanding her horizons in the HP universe. Her hobbies include: dancing around her house with her puppies in giddiness, reading fanfic recs and finding her own stories to rec, playing the piano (hey, I just discovered HP music – and can now play all the music from the movies on my piano!), and watching TV shows and movies with her hubby, James (their DVD collection constantly growing). She loves eggs and toast at all meals of the day, enjoys hand-writing notes to her grandmother and coloring the envelopes in favorite scenes from her many travels, and has a strange fascination with tweezers. During the day, she is a wedding photographer, but by night, she is JenMart01, Harry Potter fanfic forum connoisseur.

Email me at jen@potterficweekly.com



Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…
Wait, wrong story.
It was a dark and stormy night….
No, that doesn’t really work, either.
Rinna rocks the house. She was made by groovy people, out of fruit
that agreed to be in the Rinna in the first place. Her kung-fu is the
Strengths: Height, magical abilities, mental prowress, stamina,
decisive wit, possesses the magic staff of DOOM.
Weaknesses: Requires regular spa treatments to maintain peak
performance. Tends to quote Eddie Izzard bits at socially
inappropriate times. Easily distracted by pretty and/or shiny things.
Special Skills: Magic fingers, mesmerizing dance moves, grammar
goddessness, ridiculous knowledge of astronomy.
Weapons: Pointy Madonna-bra, three-inch razor-sharp stilettos, wit
that can confound the toughest of opponents.
Element: Fire. She burns with the fiery passion of one thousand suns.

Email me at rinna@potterficweekly.com



Melinda is a mom from Massachusetts who pretends she got into Harry Potter because of her kids, but really is thoroughly addicted all on her own (and definitely influenced her kids’ fascination, as well rather than the other way around). She found Harry Potter for GrownUps while waiting between GoF and OotP and was referred to some fanfiction from there and she’s been lost ever since. She began writing her own stories after the release of OotP, and her first story, Power of Emotion, was the first one she ever actually finished.

Email me at melindaleo@potterficweekly.com



I discovered Harry Potter when I started reading The Sorcerer’s Stone to my now 15 year old daughter; she lost interest in HP for a while, but Mom kept reading. Like many others, I discovered HP Fan Fiction shortly after finishing Order of the Phoenix and was faced with waiting a few years or more for new canon. Tending to gravitate to more “canonesque” fan fiction, I took the leap into different ‘ships and some AU since joining PFW and have read different genres of HP fan fiction that I would never have read before. I am a voracious reader, love cooking and baking, am an avid fan of the New England Patriots, and admit to an unhealthy addiction to watching Food Network. I live in New Hampshire with my husband, Mark, and daughters, Samantha and Shannon.

Email me at tina@potterficweekly.com



Julia got into Harry Potter five years ago. She thought it would be an easy subject for a high school term paper. Boy was she wrong. She lives in Connecticut and has a BA in English from the UConn (go Huskies). She is currently working on her masters in secondary education, in order to fufill her life long goal of becoming John Keating from Dead Poet’s Society.

Julia’s obsession with fanfic began with After the End. She quickly read as much canon-based fanfic as she could get her hands on. She discovered PFW in January when she got an email from Phil on the AtE Yahoo group. It has since taken over her life.

Since attending Phoenix Rising in May, Julia has been into Wizard Rock. She spends a ridiculous amount of time and money buying albums and going to shows (ask her about the time she went to two shows in two days in two different states). However, she feels this is totally worth it because The Whomping Willow now knows her by name. She and Dan have started The PwnCast of WRock, a podcast dedicated to Wizard Rock. She suggests you listen to it, because it pwns.

Email me at julia@potterficweekly.com



A renowned hater of the boring, Richard takes the cake when it comes to loving the weird. Eclectic and eccentric, his taste in things vary more than the weather and are even less predictable. He loves the evil and morally ambiguous, he loves the dark side of life, claiming them to be much more entertaining. This coupled with a zany sense of humor and his unique ability to engage even strangers in conversation, make him a very interesting personality. Also loves walks on the beach, and dropping things from tall buildings.

Email me at richard@potterficweekly.com



Dan is an avid Harry Potter fan who discovered PotterFicWeekly through Melinda’s fic, The Seventh Horcrux. Dan is a college student currently studying Broadcasting at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to Dan’s love of Harry Potter fanfic, he is an avid Wizard Rock listener. In fact, Dan hosts a podcast with Julia and Cody (both from PFW as well) entitled The PwnCast of WRock. Currently, it’s the third most popular wizard rock podcast in existence, so check it out!

Outside of Harry Potter, Dan can constantly be found screaming at the television set as his Philadelphia sports teams continue to lose year after year. A diehard Eagles, Flyers and Phillies fan, Dan knows all too well the pain and suffering that accompany the life of a Philadelphia sports fan.

Email me at pfwradio@gmail.com



Phil had always enjoyed the Harry Potter books, but it wasn’t until
he discovered “After the End” by Arabella and Zsenya that he
developed what some psychologists refer to as an “unhealthy
obsession” with the characters and story. An old school fan of After
the End, Phil was one of the folks who was reading the fic as it was
being written. (You can’t imagine the pain of getting to the end of
Chapter 21 and having to wait WEEKS for Chapter 22!) A & Z even
inspired him to put pen to paper (so to speak) and write a couple of
brief outtakes for the story.

Phil lives an unassuming life in a quiet suburb of Sacramento,
California, with the occasional business trip overseas. He is
married (sorry, ladies), and his wife is far more wonderful than what
he deserves. He spends his spare time with his four beautiful kids,
and a couple of beagles. Phil and his wife enjoy reading the Potter
books to each other at night.

Email me at phil@potterficweekly.com



Ryan “Vikermac” McEwan (or Mac as he’s known on PFW) is a fairly normal 22 year-old guy. A native of Ohio, Mac is currently attending Transylvania University where he will soon graduate with a B.A. in History and Educational Studies. A self-declared “movie buff” Mac can often be found quoting a wide variety of movies in his attempts to sound intelligent and cool.

A Potter fan since just after the release of PoA (the book, not the movie), Mac has tried to read each of the books as many times as possible, and has only dipped his toe into the world of HP fanfic. A die-hard Harry/Ginny shipper, Mac can often be found making wise cracks about other less likely relationships and occasionally putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard as it were) in order to humor his fellow forum shippers.

Email me at mac@potterficweekly.com


Danielle has been an avid Harry Potter fan for over five years. Sadly, she didn’t discover the wonderful world of Harry and friends until she was in college, missing out on several years of being in the fandom. However, since then, she has reread the books on numerous occasions, delved cautiously into the world of fanfic, and now harbors a secret dream to be J.K. Rowling’s personal chef (she starts pastry school in May, so it’s not as far off as one might think!).

Other interests include frequent viewings of British television shows, fruitless attempts to catch up with Jen’s forum post count, baking cookies, poking fun at former Headmaster Ryan, and making googly eyes at TV’s Dr. House.

She is also a former New Yorker, although nothing, not even a NYC address, could extinguish her pride in being a member of Red Sox Nation.

Email me at danielle@potterficweekly.com



Jules (aka Aggiebell aka Jules) was first introduced to the wonderful world of Harry Potter by her eldest son, who was having Sorcerer’s Stone read to him in his second grade class. Seven years later, she now proudly claims the position of most-obsessed Potter-fan in the house. She started in the fandom in June of 2003 after the release of Order of the Phoenix and hasn’t looked back since. PFW’s resident Neville fangirl, Jules is an administrator and beta-reader at PhoenixSong.net and dabbles in writing in her spare time.

Jules works as a technician in a plant genomics lab for her day job, where she was given the title of “DNA Sequencing Goddess” for her lab (she is so proud…NOT); her evenings are spent chasing her kids around, in rehearsals for her handbell choir, beta-reading, or writing. A mother of four (three boys and a girl), Jules is grateful that her husband tolerates her obsession, especially since her house is pretty much always in a major state of crazy.

Email me at jules@potterficweekly.com




Wayne (Also known as wej5541) was born and raised in the Albany, NY area. He is currently employed as a video editor.

Since entering the fandom, Wayne has read many fics and used several message boards and Yahoogroups. Wayne is primarily a Harry / Ginny shipper but is open to reading many other ships and AU fics.

Wayne is glad to be joining the PFW team as an editor.

Email me at wayne@potterficweekly.com



Omly is a mom of one and a graduate student in chemical engineering in the Boston area, where she also got her bachelors in chemistry, math and physics. Apparently she doesn’t do anything by halves. As a result she draws and crafts to stay sane. Recently she added audio editing to her list of spare time activities. She is also an avid reader of both HP and non-HP fiction. Let her know if you ever discover any decent fem-slash, because she is getting the the point where she doesn’t believe it exists in this fandom.

Email me at omly@potterficweekly.com

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