Welcome to the place where the story never ends!

Special Edition 46 – And Now, PotterFicWeekly, Part 1: Ten Years of Poufwa

Greetings Poufwa! Ryan here! I’m both in awe that it’s been ten years since the launch of the Poufwa community, and that my password still works! (Sue’s not big into locking doors.)

Following every season of Poufwa, we would put together a recap episode of all the best moments. The first was over six hours long, crashed my first laptop, and had to be recreated from scratch. (I cried.) The second was double the size and needed a whole team to help pull it together. For my third and final season working on the podcast, having just turned the podcast over to Sue, I decided to take my time and do it personally, as a gift to the community.

Well, that was almost eight years ago.

I’ve had stuff!

In honor of the tenth anniversary of our community, I’ve decided to share what I have so far. It’s about a third complete, but represents a lost age of PotterFicWeekly. The first season is the golden year everyone remembers. The second season was when we brought Kezza, Jen2, PS, and Mike onto the show, doubled the number of fics we covered, and really had fun. We knew the third season would be our last year together, so we made sure to enjoy the hell out of it, but the reality is more people have time to listen to the Episode 13 of a podcast than Episode 83.

This episode represents some of the best work we ever did that you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet.

More than that, given how much time has gone by, it’s a chance for us to go back in time. That we spend the bulk of an episode trying to make a long-distance phone call while referencing my giant, corded headphones is testament to that.

And I promise to finish this episode before our platinum anniversary.

Happy listening, with love.

Total runtime: 6’14’27

Special Edition 45: Ron’s Shopping Adventures

We wanted to do a holiday podcast but things got crazy around the holidays so it didn’t happen. Then we found this nice little fic that was everything we’d been looking for, so we give you “Ron’s Muggle Christmas” by honourweasley12. This was a two take podcast as it didn’t record the first time so we did it again.  We’d also like to announce that Moony has been promoted to full time host.  Congrats Moony!!  In the story we find that Ron is joining Hermione and her parents for Christmas Eve and he’s in charge of the gifts.  This Ron is thoughtful and really wants to find the best gifts he can.  We hope that you enjoy this fic as much as we did. 

The author had some comments about the podcast which can be viewed on the forum. You can check them out here.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Talking to the mannequin
Snowflake jammies
Cuff links
More than you ever wanted to know about men’s attire
Christmas Eve NOT New Years Eve
Disguised Harry
Sue’s reading Rita Skeeter
Dinner goes well
Footed Jammies
The door stays open

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 57’45

Special Edition 44: That Poor Hippo

Some Poufwa hosts, old and new, got together to talk about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  True to the new Poufwa system we discuss the movie from beginning to end, much like we discuss fanfic.  If you have not seen this movie yet, do not listen to this podcast it is full of SPOILERS!! We love Newt and feel that the magic of Jo is back in this movie.  Tricia has an Aha moment and has decided who should play Dumbledore.  We talk about what might happen in the next films.  We even give a nod to Ex-Host Mike in one scene.  We also want to give our heartfelt Congratulations to Aaron, AKA Kkronk, on his recent engagement. Sit back and enjoy our coverage of Fantastic Beasts, we sure enjoyed talking about it.

Hosts: Sue and Tricia
Guest Hosts: Aaron and Raesive

Special Edition 43 – Ryan and Kezza Carpool

Six years later, Kezza and I return to hijack PotterFicWeekly! We devoured Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and desperate to discuss it, synchronized our schedules to the curvature of the earth and the only opening was my morning commute. PointOfViewWeekly will do an in-depth, live podcast in the next week, but here’s the sampler.

Being Poufwa, this podcast also contains an in-depth discussion of Australian cars, my backup camera, Kezza’s klutz of a child, some dude I befriended on the way to work, and sperm.

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, Kezza
Editor: Ryan
Total runtime: 26’58

Special Edition 42: Love Is a Funny Thing

For our Holiday show we looked at two short stories, the first is “Go Tell It” by arioso_dolente. In this Luna gives her own spin to the Christmas story. The second story is “A Quiet Christmas” by Polkat (aralias). In this Lily wants to have a quiet muggle Christmas, but Sirius wants to help cook and that’s never a good thing.
Along the way we have dropped calls, broken ornaments and tree tips.

The hosts of PFW wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Also in this episode:

Ulrich sings
Luna, the story teller
Pancake Tricia
There were swears
He’s a man
Harry Potter books and ornaments

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Total Runtime: 39’41

Special Edition 41: The One With Olaf

Boats have always been a feature in Potterficweekly lore. We had LadyChi and Jen making Melinda cry over the “damn flipped over boat.” We had Mike and the “string pully boat” that he did not think he could drive. We had PS becoming a Merchant Marine. And most famously of all we had Jen getting pregnant on a boat. Well, have I got a boat story for you.
While everyone else in Boston was tucked up in a blizzard our illustrious Headmaster and his beautiful wife were spending time on a boat.
You don’t believe me? Well I don’t blame you, boats are associated with lies here on Poufwa, but I have proof. I have a secret recording.

Special Edition 40: Ryan is Not Melindaleo

Happy Holidays Poufwa!! We are not releasing a PFW holiday episode, but there is a POVWeekly holiday episode. If you’d like to listen go to PointofviewWeelkly

Special Edition 39: Tricia, Liam’s a Man of Mystery

In this special edition we interview Bartimus the author of “Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger ”. Tricia and Scott are AWOL, but Sue and Moony settle in to chat with Bartimus. We ask Tricia’s burning question from the last podcast, “who or what is Liam?” We still don’t know. We did enjoy talking to Bartimus about his story, his writing style and what’s coming next. He wants you all to know he’s happy to answer any questions you may have, just drop him a note through FanFiction.Net We want to thank him again for taking the time to talk to us.

Special Edition 38: He’s a Guy, Blow Up Dolls and Mary Sue

In this special edition we interview Valandar the author of “A Better Man ”. He listened to all our podcasts and took lots of notes, then he agreed to come on and talk to us. He was a little late to the party so we start out with Tricia, Sue and Scott, just chatting. We hadn’t talked in ages, so we didn’t lack for topics. Sue also invited LupinPatronus, from Mugglenet AudioFictions to come in for a bit. Valandar, who asked us to call him Bill arrived and we started the podcast. We hope you enjoy our interview.

Also in this podcast:

~He’s a guy!
~Black currants
~Milkman = creepy
~Vernon gay?
~Draco the Hufflepuff
~Ghost business
~Evanna Lynch

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Special Guests: LupinPatronus, Valandar, “call me Bill.”
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’28’07

Special Episode 37: Christmas, Football and Pumpkin Pancakes

Happy Holidays from PFW to all of you. Today we are talking about “Christmas on the Outside ” by Equinox Chick. As always when Poufwainains get together we start with talking about the weather, some of us are freezing while Jenny is Hot! Scott starts us off with a reading, Tricia is sexy voiced and Sue is invaded by animals. We find Dean, Ted, Griphook and some others on the run on Christmas Eve and see what they do to keep the Christmas spirit. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and get to spend it with people you enjoy being with.

Also on this podcast:
~Kitty doors
~Make my Day!
~Check out the Aurors on POV Weekly
~Fish and bread
~Bacon and butter
~Dean’s drawings
~Christmas Crackers
~It’s a date.

Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Scott
Guest Hosts: Jenny
Time: 1’13’04

Special Episode 36: LeakyCon

Scott and Sue, both first timers, take on LeakyCon Portland. Here is a recap of our adventures at Leaky. We sit together in front of the computer and talk about what we saw and heard at Leaky and all the wonderful people we got to meet. Scott attended his first Wrock Concerts and got to join MuggleNet’s Audiofictions in a reading. Sue enjoyed meeting Professor Sprout, hearing Star Kid live and meeting up with Poufwanians. And even though Scott ended up with the Leaky flu, we both had a great time and would do it again.

Here are some links we mention in the podcast.
Flash Mob
Beginning of Opening Ceremonies
More Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies from Afar
Leaky Stars

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Editor: Scott
Time: 1:08:08

Special Episode 35: The World Didn’t End, So Happy Holidays

In this episode, Sue, Scott and Kat got together to talk about our jobs and what’s going on in our lives right now. Moments after we end the call, Tricia comes online, so we call her and talk another hour. Then, since it’s the holidays and you can never get enough Christmas music, I add some of Poufwa’s greatest hits. Enjoy the madness.

We, here at Poufwa, want to wish all our listeners a wonderful holiday season. Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kawanzaa, Happy Whatever you Celebrate. Have an awesome year.

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest Host: Kat
Musical Guests: Poufwa Members
Editor: Sue
Time: 4:01:18

Special Episode 34: Anne is Evil, Bald Draco and Phil threatens to Sing

Last week, hosts and guest hosts sat down to talk with Anne B. Walsh about her original work, Dangerverse and Be Careful. We had such long podcasts on the series, Anne didn’t have a chance to listen to all of them, but she does have a few comments on them. We find it’s fun to be able to ask her questions and get an answer that makes sense. She tells us that we are smarter than we think and that the original podcasters on Dangerverse and the podcasters on Be Careful have a wild theory that’s actually right. Who knew we were so on top of things? Anne has her sister and roommate pop in and there’s an annoying buzzing, I think it’s a really big fly. In the meantime, Phil is convinced the butterbeer in the UK is much better than ours, there are pets everywhere and we play with words. We hope you enjoy our discussion, we sure did.

Also in this Episode:

~10 Chapter Fluff Fic
~Phil is a fanboy
~New English Words
~Rockin Earthquakes
~Go on vs. Goon
~dirty water Anne off
~No music but tea
~Do the dishes
~Only one headset
~Agree to Disagree

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Kat, Moony, Phil
Special Guests: Anne, Toni, Krystal
Editor: Sue
Time: 1:56:06

Special Edition 33: Syzygy, Blanking Harry, and Kat is a Good Biker

Tonight, our gang of jaded fanficcers sits down to discuss what makes good fanfiction and offer up a bunch of plot bunnies for adoption. If you’re an aspiring author looking for something to write, we’ve got lots of original ideas. For some reason, we are all giving all the characters the “Draco Malfoy” treatment from Psychic Serpent.
Aaron is prepared to talk fic, but all we want is his time-traveling Molly story
Boat boats, bike bikes, and more!
Meeting Poufwanians
PS’s magically suspended dryer and spellwork
Londo Mollari reads fanfiction
Aaron asks us “what if?”, Kat asks us “what happened?”, Deth asks “how do we get there?”
Harry of the different houses
Minor characters with superpowers
Kat and Aaron have mastered the art of FF.net
Voldemort in a speedo – we want fan art
Dramionaise – ‘nough said
Realistic Dursleys
Kat tries to make a bid for the difference between fiction and reality
What ever happened to Fluffy?
The quality of a Hogwarts education and the general sofety of the castle in general.
We question the logic of Goblet of Fire
Alternate pairings, like Harry/Harry!
We ship Jen/James
Vilification of Peter
PS can feel herself being drunk
Harry is an Elven High Lord
We pause the podcast to plot out Kat’s fic
Potter Puppet Pals

Hosts: Dethryl, Kat, PS, Aaron, and introducing Moony
Special Guests: Faraday and Curie
Runtime: 3:26:21
Editor: Dethryl

Here are the links to the stories covered in this podcast.

The Love and Fury of Molly Weasley by Kronkk
Rebuilding Life by Kezzabear
Fox Ears by The Starhorse
The Shoebox Project by Dorkorific and LadyJaida
A Conspiracy of Cartographers by Pica
They Shook Hands by Dethryl
Hermione Granger and the Goblet of Fire by Coulsdon Eagle
Hermione Granger and the Order of the Phoenix by Anne Margaret
Hermione, Queen of Witches by Arabella
Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong
Building Bridges by Melethril
Harry McGonagall by witowsmp
Vocare Probaria by Amber Evans Potter
The Inner Eye of Harry Potter
Echoes of Power by Jbern
Ginny’s Gift by Ashwinder
Roman Holiday by Anna (bagel warning)
Harry Potter and the Third Key by slowfox
Four Out of Five Defense Professors Recommend by wwwendy
Realizations by Wishweaver
Stealing Harry by samvimes
Saving Harry by The Seeker
Seeking Ginny by Casca
The Lie I’ve Lived by Jbern
Unknown Relations by Ksomm814
In Care Of by Fang’s Fawn
Syzygy by Al
Midnight Guardians series by Ksomm814 (baby Harry warning)
Another Prisoner, Another Professor by Marauder
Battle of Wills by Jocelyn

Special Edition 32: Happy Birthday Poufwa; Here’s The Longest Recording We’ve Ever Done

Tonight, PFW and PE collide to discuss what makes bad fanfiction. This is not to single out anyone’s OTP and call it bad, but rather to discuss what makes bad!fic of that pairing. We actually stay away from specific pairings for the most part and focus on themes and cliches. Total recording time for this session was 5 hours and 45 minutes.
Dethryl does the introduction without the critical “And”, yet we somehow survive. PS is broadcasting from inside a tea kettle. Rena’s siblings try to get on the call. Kat does something else that’s funny. Deth and Kat are drinking wine while PS is medicated. Rena’s the sober one and scared of these crazy people on the line with her. She runs away about halfway through.
* Non-canon nicknames like Mione, Siri, Sevy, Lucky, and so on, as well as the stupidity of “Harry” being a nickname.
* Ron being Ron.
* Peter is always evil.
* AU do’s and don’ts.
* Next-Gen is seldom more than a clone of our heroes and villains.
* Fanfiction of fanfiction.
* Slash warnings and Het warnings. Explosions, chases, and action warnings.
* Mary Sues.
* Dragging external stuff into HP when it blatantly contradicts canon.
* Martial arts.
* Shopping.
* Localized speech patterns and Briticisms.
* Unhealthy fascination with Muggle stuff.
* Snape and house points.
* Houses other than Slytherin are also evil.
* Harry adoption.
* Crossovers.
* Cassie Claire.

Startling Revelations:
* Kat has kids.
* Dethryl has written a fic called They Shook Hands.
* PS likes slash.

Maniacs: Dethryl, Kat, PS, and Rena
Runtime: 4’58’29

Special Edition 31: I Want A Weasley Jumper and Apple Juice.

We begin our Holiday Podcast with “A Weasley Christmas” by by momotwins.  It was a last minute find, but we think you’ll enjoy it.  Then we start adding Poufwanians to the line and do what people always do when they get together…….talk about the weather.  

~Tricia swears
~OG laughs
~Scarlett squees
~Jen reads smut
~Deth’s ears bleed
~Ryan recs fics that shall not be named
~Scott comes and goes
~Kat is a Huffledor
~Sue’s in a towel
~PS gives great gifts
~Julia turns into a Jewish Grandmother
~Kelly does karaoke

We wish you all happy holidays!

Jingling Moonbeams
Gingerbread TARDIS

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Scarlett
Special Guests: See above
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’40’13

Special Edition 29 – Awkwardly Hug a Poufwanian Today


Special Edition 29 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tonight, two teams of Poufwanians on caffeine-IVs offer their reactions to the Deathly Hallows, Part 2! Join your current Poufwa hosts and squatters from back-in-the-day in saying goodbye to the films…at least until the commentary comes out!

Happy listening!

Hosts: Sue, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Melinda, Tina, Kezza, Jen Classic, Robert from SpellCast, Ryan, Rinna, & Danielle
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’20’30

Special Episode 28: The Peon’s Ride Again!

Special Edition 28 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In this flash-from-the-past, Poufwa reviews But I Want to be a Weasley!” By Deadwoodpecker. We recorded it on Kayla’s birthday two years ago and we thought it would be fun to release it on her half year birthday. At least that was the plan, until the server wouldn’t take the password. Typical Poufwa. Ryan stepped in and saved the day, so we are getting this out on her half birthday by the skin of our teeth. Kayla we hope you have a great half birthday.

Oh and we talk about Harry Potter and the Weasleys too.

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia and OG
Editor: Scott
Time: 1’12’27

Special Edition 27 – Turn Around Ryan, Turn Around

Special Edition 27, Poufwa’s commentary on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released! A bunch of women and Ryan got together to watch a movie. But Poufwa isn’t Poufwa without it’s own set of problems. This episode, Ryan was sharing his microphone with two of them. Expect computer dragging, Snape-loving, sobbing over elf-sized corpses… and then we started the movie. Strap yourselves in and hold on tight – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll feel utterly Poufwanian doing it.

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Ryan, Rinna, Tricia, Kat and Danielle
Editor: Sue

Special Edition 26 – Four Excited Poufwanians walked into an Exhibition Exposition

Special Edition 26 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tonight, we discuss the experience that is Harry Potter: The Exhibition.  This podcast took us an age and a century to finally record (and about half that to release), so we don’t remember every little detail in its proper order, but we do try to walk you through in a somewhat linear fashion.  Being PFW, we also wander off on tangents such as who exactly touched which objects and the contents of various museums, reminiscence about Special Edition 4, decry the under-representation of Hufflepuff in merchandise, and in the case of at least one host, consume copious amounts of alcohol.  At least twice Scott loses track of a section, and once Kat renames an entire city!

Nonetheless, we hope that this will give you a good account of what it’s like, remind you of your own trip(s), inspire you to go for the first time, or at the very least make you laugh.  

Disclaimer: Poufwa does not endorse the abrogation of Exhibition guidelines.  Do try to resist petting things, kids. Additionally we do not endorse any violent actions against others, no matter how annoying they might be – and no matter how much they may try to elbow you out of the way. As a general reminder, Poufwa should not be listened to while lifting heavy equipment, driving tractors, or cooking/eating pancakes.

Pictures for your pleasure.

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Lassie
Editor: Sue and Scott
Time: 1’41’39

Special Edition 25 – Etai and Kelly -don’t- watch Jerry Springer, Sue is a Tigger, and Tricia has a candy bar

Special Edition 25 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In this episode, PotterFicWeekly covers A Life In A Box by Red Sioda.

Neville finds out some things have more value than one may first think.

* Etai finds the English language lacks subtlety.
* Tricia has fussy taste in engagement rings.
* Tricia has a candy bar in her bag and hilarity ensues as she goes on an 18 gram sugar high.
* Sue tries to keep up with Tricia by imitating Tigger.
* Kelly secretly wants to be a Hufflepuff… or so the Puffs claim! There will be no more forced abductions!
* Kelly discourages gang membership. Instant proof that she is unsuited to Hufflepuff!
* What to do if the neighbors throw dog poop over the fence.
* In-depth analysis of Neville and his sad childhood brings everyone down. Holidays are supposed to be a happy time!
* Fond reminisces from Etai.

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Tricia, Etai
Special Guest: Kelly’s dog
Editor: Dethryl

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and if you happen to not celebrate either of those, Joyful Whatever!

Stay tuned after our discussion for some Slytherin singing and then an on topic discussion of the holidays by the Potterficweekly hosts; past, present and future.  We are on topic, really…until Ryan returns to hijack his old podcast. He’s been very missed!

Running Time: 4’11’12

Special Edition 24 – Beware of Snakes, Dan’s Hair, and Random Urges to Dance

Welcome to Potterficweekly’s Deathly Hallows film discussion!  Most of us saw the film Friday morning at midnight, with the exception of Kezza from the Future, who got to see thirty-six hours before the rest of humanity.


Join Poufwa in discussing the film, the theater experience, and a particular picture of Dan Radcliffe that cracks Kezza up!

We hope you’ll find our groans, joy, sorrow, SQUEES and rambles about the second-last Potter film entertaining.  Did we mention Jen-Classic kicks off the discussion with three magic words? Ginny’s. Naked. Back.

Hosts:  Sue, Kelly
Guest Hosts:  Jen-Classic, Kezza, Melinda, and PS
Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’13’02

Episode 108.5 – Trailer Talk

In celebration of the one hundred podcasts we’ve released since our last ill-fated half episode, Episode 108.5, our Deathly Hallows Trailer Special Edition, has been released!

In order to jam our traditionally Poufwanian thoughts into sixteen minutes, half of the podcasters agreed to talk like chipmunks.

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, Sue, Kelly, Aaron
Episode Length: 15’46

Episode 100 – Good Evening, and Welcome to MasterFic Theater!

After 38 months, 99 episodes, 21 special editions, and fourteen days, thirteen hours, ten minutes, and five seconds of conversation packed with volcanic eruptions, erectile dysfunction, hyper-electrocuted mascots, twenty-six near death experiences and the bulk purchase of Kool-Aid, members of the Poufwa community got together to produce skits for every fic covered by PotterFicWeekly!

You may laugh, you may cry, and you may want to cry. You may be moved–we won’t say where–and regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, your water will break.

This project was conceived by Jen on March 17, 2009, and has literally been one year in the making. With thirty different versions of every line in a bajillion different pieces, Scott and Sue labored and edited this project every day for the past year, finding the perfect music and just the right sound effect, and then edited it all over again just to make it better! I got my hands on it and broke it within minutes, but luckily Poufwa stocks duct-tape by the crate.

PotterFicWeekly proudly presents Episode 100, a Masterfic Theatre production. Welcome to the place where the story never ends.

We won’t let it.

Happy listening!

Special Edition 21 – Shut the hell up, Love Poufwa!

Special Edition 21, Poufwa’s commentary of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, has been released!

The following podcast is created by Poufwanians, for Poufwanians. Expect at least two schoolyard brawls and one house fire during this production, to say nothing of our far-out and groovy coverage of the film itself! There’s also necking, a planned marriage, and PS is not drunk at all, but is wearing man pants.

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, Kezza, PS
Peons: Julia, Sue, Mrs. Huggles, Kismatt
Poufwa Editor: Ryan
Episode Length: 2’38’17

Special Edition 20 – Peons and Presents; Poufwa looks back!

Special Edition 20, Poufwa’s third annual holiday podcast, has been released!

The hosts take the night off, and the Peons are pleased to present their 39th episode, covering Christmas 1980, by Ignipes.

Harry’s first Christmas doesn’t go exactly the way his mum hoped it would. (Lily/James)

An audio version of the story is available right here, narrated by Kismatt!

With tonight’s episode, Poufwa is happy to release messages and songs from members of our forum community! In editing the episode together, I joked to myself that we should put out a “Best of Poufwa” CD, and as a result of that stray thought, this episode will also include all of the songs, plays, and messages created by our members over the years. At this time of year, it’s a lot of fun to remember where we all were as a community, and as people, back in Poufwa’s Golden Age.

A very Merry, safe, and peaceful holiday to you all!

Happy listening!

Peons: Scott, Kismatt, Sue, Julia, Kat
PeonCast Editor: Scott
Episode Length: 5’39’21

Special Edition 19 – Sirius is Scooby Doo, Ron is Santa and Pumpkins are ice cream

Now that it’s debuted on PFW Radio, Special Edition 19, Poufwa’s Halloween edition, has been released!

In this episode, PS searches high and low for the nearest Dairy Queen, everyone forgets which holiday they’re celebrating, the true identity of Santa is revealed, and the Headless Horseman gallops through Hogwarts while we gallop through Halloween themed HP fics: both of them.

On behalf of the crackerjack team over here at PotterFicWeekly, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Episode Hosts: Kezza, PS
Episode Guests: Sue, Melinda, Scott
Episode Length: 1’48’53

Special Edition 18 – Squeefest Half-Blood Prince!

Our thrilling round robin episode where we discuss the great and important points of the new Half-Blood Prince film has been released! Early!

It’s Classic Jen as she falls off the line, Ultimate Jen2 as she has an Ebaby related emergency and Richard and PS hold to Poufwa tradition by shocking us all.

It’s not a commentary but because we’ve all been to see it twice in 24 hours we know half the scenes off by heart and learned to love the Harry/Ginny moments.

We’re not sure exactly what happened, but somewhere along the way we wanted to wrap Slughorn in a blanket, take Dan Radcliffe home and keep him on a shelf to amuse us and fell in love with Michael Gambon. WTF? Michael Gambon, FTW?

Oh, if you’re wondering – For The Win!

Episode Hosts: Kezza, Jen1, Jen2, PS, Melindaleo, Kismatt, Richard, Dan, Tim, Ryan
Editor: Kezza, she who has not slept
Episode Length: 1’51’49

Special Edition 17 – The Longest Story Ever Told

And we’re back!

Special Edition 17 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Poufwa has always been about pushing the envelope, and we’ve done it again. Tonight, we offer a twelve hour podcast that is easily the longest non-live podcast in the history of the Harry Potter fandom, and possibly the in the history of the world.

The second season of PotterFicWeekly represents sixteen months in the lives of our community, our podcast production, and most importantly each other. We are united because we love the universe of Harry Potter so much that we can’t stand the prospect of it ending, and through that common bond share laughter and friendship.

But as proud Poufwanians, the entire process is kicked into overdrive. We laugh so hard we need our inhalers, which promptly burst in our hands. We jab ourselves with EpiPens to prevent unwanted death, but hit veins and require emergency medical transportation. Our ambulances are delayed due to herds of goats clogging the highway, themselves fleeing from an approaching lightning storm. Sadly, all we probably needed was some vicodin.

From Kezza’s peanut butter railway to Classic Jen’s winter-induced lesbianism…

From drunk Jen2’s notes to the conversion of PS to the dark side…

From the attempted assassination of Rinna by cat to Mike’s fascination with rising coastal waters…

From the entrepreneur who wanted to buy my bed to whatever Chi was on during the Smutgiving podcast…

…we dedicate this episode to the Poufwanian community, and the lifelong relationships it has created.

But most importantly, we dedicate this episode…to Susan Bones!

The full podast is 340 megabytes. In the event you have storage or connection issues, the episode is also available in two installments below.

Next week, the third season of Poufwa launches with our three-part coverage of Rinna’s selection for the podcast, Harry Potter and the Power of Truth and Harry Potter and the Power of Faith, by CreativeQuill.

What if the magical world DID exist? What if Harry Potter and the major characters from the books were real, and there was a very real threat looming from the magical world?

It is also my great pleasure to announce the debut of PeonCast: The Next Generation in our third season! Sue, Kismatt, Kayla, Scott, Mslupin, and Cody – together with their own peons – will pick up the baton from their ancestors and deliver weekly coverage of one-shots and short novel length fics, beginning next week with discussion of In the Beginning, by CreativeQuill!

Happy listening!

Episode 73 – Always and always


Episode 73 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Breaking with our established practice, we conclude PotterFicWeekly’s second season by offering our five episode arc covering Deadwoodpecker’s Backward with Purpose ahead of schedule! This first episode is packed with discussion and analysis of the first fifteen chapters.

Harry, Ron, and Ginny send themselves back in time to avoid the destruction of everything they hold dear, and the deaths of everyone they love.

Happy listening!

Special Edition 16 – Knickers, Fun Dip, and Happy Holidays


With Special Edition 16, PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present its second annual extreme-sized holiday podcast!

This is Poufwa, so don’t expect a June Cleaver Christmas. Tina nearly assassinates her children in the first ten minutes while Kezza and I beat each other up on the front lawn. Flamingos were involved.

You will, however, find:

…holiday-themed musical submissions from the PotterFicWeekly community, including How the Chi stole Poufwa, Ryan got run over by a reindeer, and shoutouts from Poufwanians to Poufwanians.

…full-length holiday-themed radio plays written and edited by our Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw members.

…the not-supposed-to-be-recorded podcast afterparty!

…and a bonus episode of the PwnCast of Wrock.

On behalf of PotterFicWeekly, we wish you a safe and very merry holiday season! We could never do this without you!

Happy listening!

Special Edition 15 – BananaCast!


Special Episode #15 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Join the ladies as, once again, they give thanks … for Smut.

The promise: All smut, all the time.

What really happens? Bananas.

On tonight’s podcast we ask the in-depth questions. The kind of hard hitting questions you have always wanted answered about how Julia feels about Snape/Harry, whether or not PS will ever write smut and which phallic object Ryan is.

Porpoises, showtunes, RST and more all on this jam packed episode of Smutsgiving!

This episode is meant for members over the age of 18. If you are a PotterFicWeekly forum member, you can access the podcast here! If you are eighteen or older and are not a PotterFicWeekly member, register at our forum and send a private message to username Ryan, confirming your age and requesting access. You can also email ryan@potterficweekly.com.

Episode Hosts: Ps, Jen2, LadyChi, Julia
Special Guest Stars: Kezza!
Editor: Kezza

Happy listening!

Special Edition 14 – A Conversation with Viridian


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present Special Edition #14, a conversation with Viridian. We’d like to thank Matthew (and his wife!) for sitting down to speak with us and for their feedback over the past five weeks. Please enjoy!

Next week, our four-week discussion of The Coven of Echos begins. Happy reading!

Special Edition 13 – Previously on PotterFicWeekly!


It may be a mere nineteen days behind schedule, but PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our season finale!

In starting this project, the hosts and I expected to get together once a week and behave like a bunch of Harry Potter geeks. We accomplished that goal very well, don’t get me wrong, but something else happened. We’ve gotten together every single day since then, and we’ve behaved like a family. Literally. Two parts love. One part bickering. One part restraining order.

On the surface, our first fifty episodes represent our analysis and discussion of four well-written fics, the films, and the final year of the Harry Potter canon. Beyond that, they represent the laughter, struggles, and lives of everyone who puts this show together. You can’t spend dozens of hours per week on a project like this without leaving a piece of yourself behind, and I would like to dedicate the season finale of PotterFicWeekly to our members, our listeners, and the staff members who made this project into so much more than it ever meant to be.

This episode is the largest and longest podcast Poufwa has ever released, and for us that’s really saying something. This episode contains every single memorable moment from the first fifty episodes of PotterFicWeekly. I truly mean that. I’ve listened to it thirty-eight times! Everything is in there!

Whether you’re a hardcore fan, an occasional listener, or have never listened to the podcast before, this is episode captures the spirit of what it means to be a Poufwanian. And yes, that does involve erectile dysfunction and tribal warriors.

Happy listening, and don’t miss the launch of our second season next week. You can find our second season schedule right here.

Special Edition #12 – A Very Poufwa Christmas


Special Edition #12 has been released! Our five-podcasts-in-five-six-days series is now completed!

In this episode, you’ll hear from the people who make PotterFicWeekly the enormous success that it is – it’s forum members.

It’s been a difficult year for many of us on the production end of Poufwa, and I know you’ll agree that what you hear in this episode justifies the investment of time and hard work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what began as a small community serving a podcast has quickly become a podcast serving a small community.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and we’ll see you all again in mid-January. Congratulations as well to Jen2 for winning the PFW Yule Ball fic competition. Be sure to catch a reading at the end of this episode.

Happy listening!

PS – here are the photos I promised to upload for this episode. NO POINTS to those of you who can correctly guess what year I was benadryled.


Special Edition #11 – The one Ryan finally saw…


Special Edition #11 has been released! Please join us for our commentary on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

I’m in this episode, so yes, I did finally see it! I actually saw it for the first time live during the recording of this commentary. See what I do for you guys?

Happy listening!

Special Edition #10 – We’re tired, we’re cranky, and we’re taking it out on Gambon


Special Edition #10 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Please join us for our commentary of the film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

I do believe the episode title says it all, so I’ll shut up now.

Happy listening!

Special Edition #9 – Jen Whacked Flitwick!


Special Edition #9 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

PotterFicWeekly begins its A Very Poufwa Christmas series by announcing the release of five podcasts in five days! Tonight, join us for our running commentary of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This episode is explicit and is not recommended for younger listeners. Those attached to movie Remus should also keep a safe distance, as LadyChi stopped by this week.

Happy watching!

Special Edition #8 – Dumbledore’s Flaming Lamp


Special Edition #8 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

This week the Poufwanian’s bring you an inspiring analysis of the finer points of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

It’s all you could hope it would be and more. :)

Happy watching!

Special Edition #7 – Happy Smutsgiving!


Special Edition #7 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

And yes, there is a catch.

This episode will not be released on the standard feed and is available only in the Restricted Section of the PotterFicWeekly forum. Don’t have access? You will in a minute.

1) Register for an account on the PotterFicWeekly forum by visiting www.potterficforum.com or by clicking here.
2) Once registered, send a private message (PM) to username “Ryan”, or an email to ryan@potterficweekly.com. Give me your username, and let me know if you’re over the age of 18.

That’s it.

Happy listening!

Special Edition #6 – Misery Feels Really Good


The PotterFicWeekly Halloween Special Edition has arrived!

Two episodes in four hours. That’s it. I’m taking a week off.

Join Jen, LadyChi, Meg, Melindaleo, Tina, LonelyRiddle, and me for the type of indepth and laser-focused discussion that you’ve come to expect from PotterFicWeekly. 

In this episode, we:

*  determine who is important and who is a peon.
*  check in on LadyChi’s toilet and make her apologize for scaring us in Episode 31.
*  interview Tina on meeting Jo for three full seconds. 
*  complain about Tina’s husband.
*  analyze the role of Halloween in the books and fanfic.
*  find out what everyone wore for Halloween.
*  find out exactly why Melinda is hoping you don’t listen to this episode.
*  hear narrations of the top two one-shots introduced in the Halloween Ball.
*  debut MasterFic Theater, Episode 1.  And yes, that is the sound of theme music being played over a stereo next to an air condition.  NOT!

Happy listening!

Special Edition #5: Poufwa Needs Helmets


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our fifth special edition podcast: a commentary of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film!

It’s PFW. Poufwa. You’ve heard us before. You know what we can accomplish and what we can produce under pressure. That’s all you need to know about this podcast.

And yes, something blows up.

Feel free to start this podcast before starting your film. We’ll tell you when to hit play. We weren’t able to pull it off, but we have a very good feeling about you.

Special Edition #4: Scorpions, Bears, and Canon, Oh My!


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our fourth and final special edition podcast in this series: a discussion of the end of canon and its effect on fanfiction. As luck would have it, our hosts agreed on everything and wrapped the episode in thirty minutes flat! After all, PotterFicWeekly is a well-oiled machine.

Consensus was our target. We were the laser.

To those of you who are regulars at the PFW forums, listen to us on a routine basis, or who are alive in any sort of way will have found the funny in that description. If not, www.potterficforum.com. Click on register. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

This was one of those episodes that didn’t really work unless you heard what happened in early soundcheck, after the closing credits, and during all of the moments that usually end up on the cutting room floor. For that reason, and because I spent most of my week in the car where podcast editing is somewhat discouraged, we present to you our first extreme episode of PotterFicWeekly. You’ll hear the madness that goes into a typical PFW recording session, with very little editing or cuts. We hope you enjoy the perspective, and the bonus dose of Jen. Let us know what you think, and maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

For those of you who get enough PFW in your week already, the real episode starts around the 30:00 mark, and Mac’s mailbag starts about 27 minutes from the end.

Happy listening!

Special Edition #3: Jen wants an Alan Rickman blowup doll but is not a cannibal


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our third Special Edition Podcast: a discussion and analysis of Deathly Hallows.

Believe me, you won’t find a deeper discussion anywhere else. This thing needs wheels.

Join the entire PotterFicWeekly forum for a comprehensive yackfest of the final Harry Potter novel. I’m then joined by Mac and Danielle who offer a more philosophical review of Deathly Hallows. LadyChi fills in for Mac with this week’s mailbag, so if there are any veterinarians in the house, please see LadyChi after the show.

PotterFicWeekly will be back with a fourth special edition episode sometime in the next week where our overly medicated crew will discuss the end of canon and its effect on fan fiction, and then we’ll be back with our series on Aspen in the Sunlight’s A Year Like None Other. If you have any thoughts on these topics, send in voicemails. Mac loves it when people call him.

Okay, the podcast is over four hours long. Why are you still here? Go. GO!

Special Edition #2: The End of Potter Survival Guide


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our second Special Edition Podcast: The End of Potter Survival Guide.

Join Ryan, Jen, LadyChi, and Spellcast’s Robert Standring as we offer a brief introduction to the world of Harry Potter fan fiction, including our best recommendations for those who may never have considered fan fiction, but are now desperate for more story. We encourage you to recommend this episode to fellow Harry Potter fans as a way to bring them into the fandom.

To make the transition easier, this will the our shortest episode of PotterFicWeekly yet. But not to disappoint our regular listeners, we all take a sex quiz.

Happy listening!

Special Edition #1: Snakie-Voldie-Nookie


PotterFicWeekly is pleased to present our first Special Edition Podcast: an analysis of the newly released Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film.

Join Jen, Mac, Melindaleo, and guest-hosts KateLestrange and Xaphania from the PotterFicWeekly forum for this comprehensive discussion.

Happy listening!

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