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Episode 44: Chi’s a hooker, Kezza’s ancient, and Huggles is very upset


Episode 44 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Strap on your grumpy pants and hide your children! The following is a LadyChi production.

In this episode, LadyChi is joined by the gang from PeonCast and welcomes Etai to the show for the first of what will hopefully be many guest-hosting gigs.

Chi has proved from her first week in the big chair that her episodes are enormously entertaining! If you listen very carefully you can actually hear the wheels come off the wagon as the Poufwa mobile veers into not-really-scary-yet-terrifying movies, tongue twisters, and even makes a trip to YellowStone where we all learn a valuable lesson about parenthood.

After that, they discuss Chapters 31-35 of Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Future’s Past, by Viridian, which will conclude our coverage of a fic that made us think harder than ever before while similtaneously making bagels a four letter word. Our interview with Viridian didn’t make the cut and will be released as a special edition early next week. The truth about Draco’s career as a time-traveler will finally be revealed!

Whatever you do, don’t miss PeonCast this week. Somewhere between song hour and discussion of Open at the Close by DQBunny, Mike makes a terrifying discovery.

Comments are welcome. You can email or send voice files to ryan@potterficweekly.com, or you can call 781-352-0643.
Happy listening!

(This episode was edited by Scott – twice.)


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