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Episode 51 – Banished women, Mensa pyramids, duct-taped authors, and Mike predicts


Episode 51 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In our third Living with Danger episode, the women fail us and Scott, Mike and I are forced to spray PotterFicWeekly down with testosterone in order to survive. Despite all that, we analyze Chapters 24-37 with organizational skill and preparation unequaled in our previous sixty-five episodes!

I wonder why.

Anne Walsh, author of the Dangerverse series, thought it would be really entertaining to listen in on this episode’s recording session. I must only assume that PBS was really, really boring that night. We were thrilled to have her, although as it wasn’t time for her interview and due to the many benefits of our aforementioned testosterone-only policy, Anne was duct-taped to her chair in the far corner and was provided with Chi’s Mach 1 microphone for this podcast.

In tonight’s episode, we discuss:

…Sue the Grocer and Ron: The Dynamic Duo
…pack kids vs. the twins: Not even a fair fight.
…pack kids versus the Pack adults: Even less of a fair fight.
…why Snape should really avoid using heavy machinery of any kind.
…whether Petunia Dursley is a neglectful parent or just a misunderstood community pillar.
…whether Severus Snape is a self-centered bastard or just socially awkward.
…why the hell we’re debating Petunia and Snape.
…Mike’s English accent.
…Weasley hair, the Pack’s decision making process, and why they need a Witness-Protection-Program planner.
…Ryan’s prediction as to where the Canonverse and Dangerverse split. Please cover your children’s ears on that one!

It was around that point that Mike crashed the show into a prophetic tree. We continue to miss the women and have flowers waiting upon their return.

Depending on my level of ambition, you may see two more standard episodes on the Dangerverse series or a big-honking episode containing our breakdown of the final chapters, interview with Anne, and visit to Dangerverse Central!

This week on Peoncast:

Falling Free, by Alecto

Intoxication. Nobody is quite himself during the full moon. Sometimes we do things we shouldn’t have done. Sometimes it keeps us alive.

Happy listening!


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