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Taelynna of Slytherin House says:

“In all the great land of Poofwah there is no better place than the common room of the Great Slytherins. Chaos often reigns there but it is sure to be great fun and no one gets hurt! Well at least not seriously. All little dizziness may occur after experimenting with bags of marshmallows though. And safety really is one of my main concerns when it comes to the Slytherins. Our common room is monitered by three of my best agents from my penguin army, Shocking Pink, Destroyer of Type Demons, and Olive. Unfortunately, one of the poor Slytherins has a phobia of penguins, but never fear as they are all disguised as flying monkeys. ::leans in closer to whisper:: Only thing is, if you ever happen to join the land of the crazy and especially happy, please do not comment on Olive’s condition. She may have been born a hedgehog but the army took her in and she is a penguin through and through! That being said, Slytherin does have it’s serious moments too, but never doubt the sneaky snarky sarcastic Slytherins can also be a little silly.”

Comments Raesive of Slytherin House:

“The PFW forum has become a second family of sorts. we laugh, we cry, we read fanfic together. It’s great. I have only been here for a short time and was welcomed immediately and warmly. Anyone feeling lost in a virtual sea of potter can find their niche in this amazing site. Ever get hooked on a podcast and feel like you personally know the people who’ve recorded it? Well on poufwa, you really can meet them, become their friend or better yet, become a member of their family. I love PFW!”

Jessy of Ravenclaw House:

“Okay, here is a checklist for you:

loves harry potter-movies and books ___
enjoys fan fiction ___
has fun talking to people ___
LOTS of extra time ___

If you checked any/all of those criteria, PFW is for you. Even if you have not read the books, you will be welcomed with open arms. Of course, you will most likely be gently prodded and reminded that you have to read the books. Once your sorted, your house will make you feel right at home (pardon the…pun?). Expect random posts and smilies all around, because PFW is a family. ”

Julia of Gryffindor House remarks:

“How exactly does one quantify PFW? Is it a podcast? Not quite. A forum? Maybe. Are the people involved sane? No. So what exactly is PFW? I suppose the dictionary definition would be “A group of people who enjoy Harry Potter fan fiction, and have started a podcast and forum to discuss it.” But the second definition is “Family.” I am well aware of the fact that “famdom as family” is the most overused metaphor known to man, but there really is no other word to describe PFW. We even have the sweet grandfather, the crazy uncle, and the weird cousin who sits in the corner. Everyone has something to contribute, and even if you’re a bit shy, your voice will still be heard.

Oh, and our plumbing disasters will entertain you. Not to mention the fact that we some how manage to offend a new country every week, and we may or may not be the cause of Yellowstone’s imminent blow up.”

Sueatducksfoot of Hufflepuff House states:
I was very new to the fandom when I found Poufwa. I listened to one of the podcasts and was hooked, so I joined the forum. I started out slowly, having never been a part of a forum before. Several people reached out to me, sending me PM’s and before I knew it, I was part of Poufwa. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I would know as I needed a lot of help when I first joined. Little did I know when I listened to that first podcast how much it would change my life. Now I am part of the Poufwa community, but more, I am a part of a family. I love Poufwa.

If you love PFW as much as these folks, send ’em in!

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