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Special Edition 20 – Peons and Presents; Poufwa looks back!

Special Edition 20, Poufwa’s third annual holiday podcast, has been released!

The hosts take the night off, and the Peons are pleased to present their 39th episode, covering Christmas 1980, by Ignipes.

Harry’s first Christmas doesn’t go exactly the way his mum hoped it would. (Lily/James)

An audio version of the story is available right here, narrated by Kismatt!

With tonight’s episode, Poufwa is happy to release messages and songs from members of our forum community! In editing the episode together, I joked to myself that we should put out a “Best of Poufwa” CD, and as a result of that stray thought, this episode will also include all of the songs, plays, and messages created by our members over the years. At this time of year, it’s a lot of fun to remember where we all were as a community, and as people, back in Poufwa’s Golden Age.

A very Merry, safe, and peaceful holiday to you all!

Happy listening!

Peons: Scott, Kismatt, Sue, Julia, Kat
PeonCast Editor: Scott
Episode Length: 5’39’21


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