Welcome to the place where the story never ends!

About the Show


Billions of dollars have been earned. Millions of children have given reading a second chance. Harry Potter has deeply impacted the world, most notably through the community of fans it has united. First-graders and retirees now share an equal bond with Harry. Jo Rowling layers plots and characters so seamlessly that an army of fans, young and old, cannot decipher what is to come and collectively miss important clues. In a time of war and uncertainty, we are offered escape in a world founded not as much on magic and intrigue as on choice and friendship. Harry brings us together and through his trials, we find hope.

Jo Rowling’s story will soon draw to a close, but her world is timeless and with infinite possibilities. Thousands of fans have launched their own journeys into that world. This podcast will provide in-depth discussion and analysis of Harry Potter fan fiction, from rereading our favorite fics together to hearing them straight from an author’s mouth. Some authors finish Jo’s story, while others back up and take a different road. The best capture the characters whose voices have so greatly inspired Jo, and each offers a new perspective and a chance to enjoy the journey again for the first time. There is much to talk about, and you’re invited to take part!

Two ground rules. This podcast isn’t a structured entertainment show designed to bring in huge numbers of fans and fame for its’ hosts. It’s a conversation between friends, or a town meeting between members of a small community. If you love fan fiction but never get to talk about it, then welcome to the place where the story never ends.

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