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Episode 39: Jen’s a pirate, the peons are casting, and PS is going to die


With the release of Episode 39, the second season of PotterFicWeekly has officially begun!!!

Over the next year, our merry band of lunatics plans to cover at least eleven fics, up from the four last year. I don’t mean that in the, “We’re leaving out all of the verbs to cram it in!” sense. I mean it in the, “Yes, we really are that stupid but can still wipe ourselves” sense.

Towards that end, stay tuned for our ramblings on Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Future’s Past, the full Paradigm of Uncertainty triology, Living with Danger, The Coven of Echoes, The Book of Morgan le Fey, The Final Reckoning, and With all my Love, to name but a few.

Twelve more months of Jen’s disasters, Chi’s red pen, and my futile attempts to maintain some type of order.

Can you feel it?

Given how much content we have coming, we thought we’d take a bit a break tonight and do a single episode on a true American classic: Naked Quidditch Match, by Anya. If you’ve read this fic, you know why it was selected by our forum members. If you haven’t read it, I’ll give you this hint:

Harry. Voldemort. eMail. Lawyers.

Okay, four hints. I’m a big fat liar.

Starting this season, the peons are in full revolt. Starting with this episode, with great intimidation, I present PeonCast: a brief, weekly podcast planned, produced, and recorded exclusively by all of the peons you know and love, including a few new voices.

Without the peons, Jen, Chi, and I would actually have to work for a living, and I can only hope they’ll be more gracious to us on their show than we are to them on ours.

I know. I doubt it, too.

In their pilot episode this evening, the peons will be discussing Seventeen Minutes till Midnight in Casablanca by Laura Laurent1.

Next week, we jump into a five week series on Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Future’s Past by Viridian, and will be discussing the first ten chapters.

Happy reading!


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