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Episode 52 – Anne Walsh, Bea Arthur, and the land of the talking chipmunks


Episode 52 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tears of the Phoenix is an orginization which has taken the tallents of Harry Potter fanfic writers and fan artists and organized them into a beautiful anthology inspired by New Orleans librairans. Buy a copy of “Ripple Effect” to support the libaries destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

In our final Living with Danger episode, we’re all over the map. Chi, Rinna, Scott, and I join Anne Walsh in discussing the final chapters of her first installment. It’s difficult to hear your own story discussed in a format like ours, and due to the circumstances it’s even more difficult to be in the room and ungagged while we’re doing it. Anne was a sport. Ten points to Ravenclaw!

Chi was also sucked up by a tornado and Canada lost power. Mickey Mouse was involved, as was the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. It’s Poufwa. Roll with it.

After a rather polarizing episode of Peoncast, where the Kezza, Jen2 and PS discuss by Elemental, by Purple Fluffy Cat:

A remarkable man such as Albus Dumbledore commanded devotion from several people. How was his magic woven? What will become of those who remain after him as they seek solace in one another? This is tale of Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

…we return with a second full episode of PotterFicWeekly! After being blindfolded, gagged, and thrown in the trunk of Anne’s car, I podcast live from Dangerverse Central! There were talking animals everywhere. I think I saw a lemur! Anne and Dangerverse regulars Josh and Brit join me in exploring one of the many communities created by fan fiction and the lives still being affected by Jo Rowling a year after she put down her pen.

Next week we return with a two part series on With all my Love, a fic by our own LadyChi. Check it out! We cover the first seven chapters next week!

James and Lily are falling in love in rough times during their seventh year at Hogwarts. Remus and Sirius must come to terms with what happened during sixth year and desperately try to regain trust in the other. With James? parents so outspoken against a rising-to-power Voldemort, it?s only a matter of time before the Dark Lord tries to attack the Potter family. Can James and Lily survive the newness of their love in such a hostile environment? Read and find out!


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