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Episode 41: Arbor Harbors, Inbred Cousins, and Snape is a Dumbledore Fangirl


Episode 41 of PotterFicWeekly has been released! It’s either six days late from last week or really early for this week. It’s your glass.

In this episode, I’m joined by Jen, LadyChi, Meg (in her last episode!), and Cody as we discuss Chapters 11-16 of Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Future’s Past, by Viridian. We pick up where our discussion left off last week, getting deeper into Viridian’s Harry and the effect his journey has on his friends and his own soul.

That’s around the point Meg discovers that Jo Rowling has been playing a cruel joke on her all this time.

Hide your children.

Speaking of hiding your children, the peons return this week to discuss Witch Weekly: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Cure the Common Cold, by goingbacktosquareone, otherwise known as our own Jen2. In the event that you’re confused by the story, Mike is here to walk you through it.

You can also find video from my summit with Jen in NYC right here.

Happy listening!


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