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Episode 111 – That’s what you get when you water your house…

Episode 111 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Three Poufwa’s left until the Torch is passed! In our fourth of six episodes covering Kezza’s Rebuilding Life, we move on to Chapters 30-38.

This episode features one, final and unforgettably interactive Jen story, a Melinda-ism, the malpractice of Poppy Pomfrey, the lack of sterilization of the Quidditch changing bench, Hagrid’s Happy Targ, Ron the Hobbit, Harry the idiot, Ginny the Vorlon, a banging door and the Poufwaization of now feature-length SpellCast. PBS to Fox News: You have been assimilated!

in Episode 54 of PeonCast, The PeonCast Curse, Chocolate Gingers, and The Chest Monster, the Peons discuss Letting Go, by Emma, Fics by Fumph!

~The least prepared
~New Ravenclaws
~Apprentice wand makers
~Kelly wonders about Ron’s wand
~What charm would you pick?
~Monsters in the night
~Just like reading Harry Potter
~Most prepared
~Cooking with Peons

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, PS, Jen
Peons: Sue, Scott/Helen Keller/Maris Crane, Robert, Dethryl, Aaron
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Last Haven/Jessica
Poufwa Editor: Omly
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 2’19’30


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