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Episode 109 – The one where Ryan and PS have a love scene

Episode 109 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Five more Poufwa’s before the Torch is passed! In our second of six episodes covering Kezza’s Rebuilding Life, we move on to Chapters 16-21.

In this episode, Kezza stops by for a visit and is wicked hot all at the same time, PS is determined to tell an interesting story and won’t quit until she makes it, Aaron makes out with an iPad, and I make out with PS. Typical Poufwa stuff!

in Episode 52 of PeonCast, Apocalyptic Flaming Tornado of Death, the Peons discuss The Baby Tale, also by Kezza!

~Tidbit for the day
~Duct Taped Scarlett
~Kezza FTW
~A Flock of Weasleys
~Scarlett’s plot bunny
~Cooking with Kelly
~Songfic = Epic Suck
~Arthur’s advice
~and a cartoon the Peons found after the recording!

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, PS
Peons: Sue, Aaron, Scott
Special Guest: Kezza!
PeonCast: Sue, Scott, Kelly, Aaron
Poufwa Editor: Wayne
PeonCast Editor: Sue and Scott
Episode Length: 3’06’37


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