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Episode 86 – Poufwa goes global: It will not hurt!

Episode 86 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Poufwa jumps back into its coverage of Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness by thanfiction with coverage of Chapters 14-19!

For your listening pleasure:

~ I am the new Chi and a fanboy, all at the same time!

~ Poufwa tries to make a phone call. Thank God email still works!

~ Were we discussing a fic?

~ Neville pulls rank…

~ Jen2 and Kezza share a brain…

~ Mike learns the facts of life – AGAIN!

~ Squirrels rampage!

~ Neville needs Hannah to water him. Turn around!


~ Mike is Delusional. And yes, I cut and paste that from a past episode release!

~ It’s time for a political analogy!

~ Kezza needs a break. She needs those.

~ Jen2 cracks herself up with Latin. She’s so silly.

~ Six degrees of separation and everything’s related to incest.

~ We applaud Andrew’s attention to detail…

~ Harry Potter: Pizza Delivery Guy

~ Death Eaters get Continental Breakfast: Discuss.

~ Jen2 snarks at me. She is no longer silly!

~ Neville is Made of Awesome. Want to fight about it?

~ For Cedric and Hufflepuff…

~ Gran: A military Mama!

~ “There is nothing more romantic than baby cheese…”

~ Mike is 0 for 5…

~ Zach Smith turns more yellow…

~ A Ravenclaw, in the Great Hal, with a butter knife…

~ Babies grow in tummies…

Also this evening, the Peons are pleased to release Episode 29 of PeonCast, Courage and Cowards, with discussion of thanfiction’s DAYD one-shot Wisdom To Know The Difference!

Grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Jen2, Kezza, Mike
Episode Peons: Scott, Kayla, Kelly, Sue
Poufwa Editor: Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Scott
Episode Length: 2’52’06


Do the best you can for as long as you can. Remember that all may yet be well. Don't be afraid.

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