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Episode 112 – Dirt Dirt, Boat Boats, Book Books, Police Police, and The Calm Before the Storm

Episode 112 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Due to a gas leak in the Poufwa Offices, the first 82 lucky downloaders have received an advanced copy of Episode 114, our fourth season premiere, in place of tonight’s PeonCast. If you’re one of the lucky ones, feel free to download the episode again!

In classic Poufwa’s penultimate episode, we resume coverage of Kezza’s Rebuilding Life, discussing Chapters 39-45!

A little.

We also settle the Mac/PC debate, figure out what’s going on with that whole Tea Party business, and debate the pros and cons of tipping at the Olive Garden. Jen’s here too, prepared with notes and highlighters but three years late.

Next week’s triple-length episode will be the final PotterFicWeekly of the original crew, containing final chapter analysis of Kezza’s fic and the Poufwa wrap party. You’ve known us for years and know what we’re capable of, but all that goes out the window when Rinna brings the beverages.

Join us in toasting Poufwa, the best podcast on the feed!

But the story never ends and neither does the podcast. The Peons take over with Episode 114 and are busy at work on the best season of Poufwa yet, while myself and many of your favorite Poufwanians are moving over to our sequel podcast, the Poufwa Exchange. Full-time Poufwanians will snort their way through some of the best fandoms ever conceived. With Aaron’s keyboard feeling our way through the dark, the journey begins in two weeks. Since we’re Poufwanians, more like three. We hope to see you there!

Speaking of Peons, in Episode 55 of PeonCast, Crying under the Oak Tree, the Peons discuss Wednesday Dates and A Proper Place, by fizzmonkeys!

~Kelly gives this a pass
~Relationship advice from Tricia
~The romantic tree
~And the one that’s not
~He’s all alone
~The text reader needs to ‘read’ italics
~”I’m helping him cry.”
~We needed a laugh
~Ryuu doesn’t like H/G, but was touched anyway

And stay tuned for our first Author Interview.

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, Rinna, PS, Jen
Peons: Dethryl, Aaron, Scott
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, LadyRyuu
Poufwa Editor: Ryan
PeonCast Editor: Sue and Scott
Episode Length: 4’40’39


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