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Episode 90 – Neville’s a drug addict, Rosmerta needs HRT and Hermione’s on Viagra

Episode 90 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Join us for  the third instalment in our series on The Psychic Serpent Trilogy by Barb.

In this episode we cover chapters 24 through the Epilogue of The Psychic Serpent. In this episode:

Mike podcasts from a falling dryer on Neptune that is rolling down a hill infested with cockroaches

Jen2 and Kezza break up over movie tickets and biscuit cans but Kezza and Mr Kezza get married in spite of Titanic

Mike breaks up with Draco and Ryan breaks Mike with hugs and a love-meter

The Harry Potter child actors meet Diff’rent Strokes and grow pot while dressed as transvestites without knickers looking super-meg-foxy-awesome hot

Ryan cracks against Jo Rowling and menopausal Rosmerta while favouring the F-word

Mike makes Jen2 blush in the fluffy room and Kezza loses it at the thought of popcorn

Dethryl collides with Wizards in Kilts and Mike and Kezza try to forget Irish lesbian McGonagall and Scottish Seamus

Ryan Turns Around for Barb, Dethryl ships Mike and Ryan thinks about Kezza’s popcorn when he should be working
Mike solves the duelling mystery and is not helped by the quicksand wisdom dispensed by the hosts

None of the hosts know who the Head Boy is, who dated Cho and Fleur, if Cedric Diggory has more going for him than great hair or whether Roger Davies is evil or just boring like Terry Boot

Even when they all drop off the call they pick it right back up again right where they left off talking about Harry’s banana

There is nothing to be said about the Viagra … just listen as Mike delivers a safe sex PSA

In Episode 33 of PeonCast: The Next Generation, Three Puffs and a Gryffy walk into a Podcast, the Peons share with us Antosha’s The F Words 2: Fame.

Loswen arrived to balance out the Puffiness but we forgot to tell her to read the previous chapter. Oops.

The Hufflepuffs steal Harry and Luna, the Gryffindors throw Hermione out and Daniel plucks heartstrings. Then it?s time for popcorn as The Next Generation goes back, waaaay back to Number Ten …

Listen on as Daniel and Loswen have a showdown, Dumbledore is cast in Lord of the Rings because he has a ring and Kayla gets visitors to Canada, the safest place next to Oz …

Episode Hosts:  Ryan, Jen2, Kezza, Mike
Episode Guests:  Sue, Dethryl
Peons:  Sue, Kayla, Daniel, Loswen
Poufwa Editor:  Kezza
PeonCast Editor:  Sue
Episode Length: 2’45’21


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