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Episode 85 – Neville’s Gran’s Vulture’s Hat, and the canonicity of Hermione/Books

Episode 85 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

This evening, Poufwa resumes its coverage of Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness by thanfiction, highlighting Chapters 7-13!

We remain in Jen2’s debt for choosing this thrilling fic for our podcast. She wanted to be here this evening to contribute – she really did – but apparently her hip popped out of its socket in a freak vacuuming accident. The frame to her bed also snapped so she’s out shopping. Hope to see you soon, Jen2! *chomps on popcorn*

In this episode:

~Rinna and Mike spend two hours together and Snape comes up frequently. Maybe we all need popcorn!

~The characters of Filch, Snape and Seamus are heavily analyzed. You’ll never guess who thinks Filch was misunderstood!

~Also included in this episode are several doses of carnal impropriety and several more rounds of “Was that canon or After the End?”

Also this evening, the Peons are pleased to release Episode 28 of PeonCast, Not Starring the Whomping Willow, with coverage of Tied Together, by stmargarets!

~Kelly’s favorite author

~Scott impersonates Alex, Ryan’s text reader

~Kayla is happy to be done with school

~Kid voices for the win

~Herbology lesson from Sue

~Engorgement Charms

~Kayla channels Ryan

~And as always, Kayla records over a bistro

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Rinna, Mike, Scott, Tim
Episode Peons: Kelly, Kayla, Scott, Sue
Poufwa Editor: Rinna, Ryan
PeonCast Editor: Scott
Episode Length: 1’56’09


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