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Episode 96 – Hello, are we not Wizards?

Episode 96 of PotterFicWeekly has been released after an extended hiatus, with coverage of Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy, and Barb’s Psychic Serpent trilogy, drawing to a close! In tonight’s episode, we discuss the final chapters, break for PeonCast, and return with an extended interview with Barb. It’s been a terrific nine part series, and we very much look forward to covering our final four fics with you over the coming months!

Be sure to join us for coverage of In Blood Only, by E.M. Snape, beginning next week. From there, we’ll travel back in time 1,000 years to meet my very famous yet not so much flame retardant ancestor, drop by a bookstore in Surrey that believes in reading the best of CS Lewis in chronological order, and find out what Kezza’s really been up to all these years!

On PeonCast #40: The Handyman, Hotels, Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans and Duct Tape, the Peons discuss Folly, Act 3, by Antosha. In this episode:

~Scott’s shy
~Kelly passed her Charms OWL
~You have One Hour, to find a Chess Master
~Prune juice for the old folk
~First Responder???
~Antosha said that Molly changed the room
~April Fools – A good day to wed
~We all love this series
~Kayla says, “BAI”

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, PS, Kezza, Jen2
Episode Guests: Dethryl, Sue, Melindaleo, Barb
Peons: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Kayla
Poufwa Editor: PS, Omly
PeonCast Editor: Sue
Episode Length: 4’22’11


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