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Episode 93 – Jews, Mike, and a Penguin

‘Nuff said!

Episode 93 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Topping off our discussion of Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions with Chapter 15-21 discussion, Poufwa crashes at Ruth’s house to bone up on the latest Hebrew updates from Poufwa’s own Resident Jews!

There is singing involved. Mike and I are on the line. Do-the-math.

And don’t drink carbonated refreshments while listening!

In between discussing terrific character moments and complex time-travel mechanics that scream out for the assistance of Doc Brown’s dry-erase board, Mike weighs in with his weekly commentary on an important social issue that he feels is plaguing the human race. You’ll recall that three weeks ago he weighed in on sex ed classes in a Mike Administration. There was gasping and headdesking.

This week, Mike outdoes himself. That’s all I can say. And once you listen, you’ll likely be as speechless as I am!

And tonight, the Peons are proud to release Episode 36: Sue confused, the Wrong Track, and Plinky, Planky Soup, covering First, by Antosha!

~Cody is Duct Taped in the corner.
~We try tongue twisters.
~What hand does Dean use?
~It’s a quadrangle.
~Kreacher: matchmaker or interior decorator?
~ #13 Grindlewald Place.
~Dan has the emotional range of more than a teaspoon.
~Monty Python defeats Scott.

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Jen2, Mike
Episode Guests: Dethryl
Peons: Kelly, Kayla, Scott, Sue, Dan, Cody
PeonCast Guests: Antosha
Poufwa Editor: Jen2 and Ryan
Episode Length: 2’38’37


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