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Episode 87 – Fanny Packs, textiles, and kleptomaniac deer!

Episode 87 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In our final episode discussing Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness by Andrew/thanfiction, we review chapters Chapters 20-25 and bring Andrew onto the podcast!

The fandom is an escape from real life that is primarily a text-based environment. We may speak to each other on Poufwa, but there’s no visual component and we’re denied the assistance of body language. Suffice to say, the interview was a bit awkward due to a remarkable series of crossed signals. When you think you’re defending a friend, reality gets blurred, and everything snowballs.

Not every experience with authors and their readers have been pleasant ones for us at PotterFicWeekly. I’m pleased to say that above and beyond, this one truly was. Any rockiness on the journey will soon be forgotten because the partnership ended on a very high note. I look forward to my future participation in the DAYD universe, including spending most of my Irish honeymoon curled in the fetal position!

Back to work! In this episode:

~ Jen Classic is missing and presumed dead. You’ll never guess where we found her…

~ Madam Pomphrey is a bitch!

~ I nearly have an end-of-the-story flip-flop!

~ Mike on Spiders and Swedes!

~ Drunk Mike in the woods with a stolen shoe!

~ Mike explains the accidental wank, as only he can…

~ Tim is a fanboy, and why Andrew is the coolest person ever…

~ The wheels come off the wagon…

Thanfiction’s Artwork – Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness

The DAYDverse: Hope Is Still Recruiting

The Peons close out the evening with Episode 30, a double-edition of PeonCast, And then there were Crickets, with discussion of thanfiction’s DAYD one-shots Praeclarus_Merde and Ducere

In tonight’s PeonCast:

~ Special thanks to LassieLupin and Lexy fer helping out at the last minutes!
~ Hagrid’s Harry Pirate Party
~ Ravenclarrr Door FTW
~ Twin talk w/o the twins
~ Crickets attack Sue
~ Scott gives us a language lesson
~ Ravenclaws do it with Style
~ A haircut fer Terry
~ Glasses-a tactical weakness or hidden strength
~ Being a officer
~ Every House has a strength
~ Debating: a time and a place
~ Kids’ book or adult: a fandom split
~ What details really mean
~ Sometimes simple spells win
~ Hooked on potions
~ Brotherly support
~ Wacky and serious–two sides of the M&T coin
~ Canon complexity in character
~ Peoncast makes another convert
~Also featuring a voicemail from Scarlett!

Next week, be sure to catch the first of nine episodes covering the full Psychic Serpent Trilogy , by Barb!

In Harry’s fifth year he gets a snake with the Sight. Hermione’s torn between Ron and Harry, who’s torn between her and Ginny, who’s torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who’s torn between her and loyalty to his father. Plus: a Prophecy, Animagus training, a Dueling Club, Snape’s Penseive, kilts, giants, house elf liberation and more!

Happy listening!

Episode Hosts: Ryan, Mike, Sue, Tim
Episode Guests: Jen Classic, Andrew
Peons: Sue, Scott, Lexy, LassieLupin
Poufwa Editor: Omly, Ryan
PeonCast Editor: Sue, Scott
Episode Length: 2’59’54


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