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Episode 104 – Door-2, PS-0, and we’re all very drunk…

Episode 104 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

In tonight’s double-length episode, Poufwa concludes its coverage of Tale of a Time Long Gone, by Star of the North, with discussion of Chapters 16-24 and 25-32!

On the docket:

Australian pronunciation 101
Opened hailing frequencies
All that is far out and groovy
Possessed Hogwarts
PS repeatedly and utterly bested by doors
Bob Hufflepuff and the Podcast of Hell
9th century birth control
And Poufwa gets a dog…

in Episode 47 of PeonCast, Sorting the Marauders as All Roads Lead to Philosophy!, the Peons discuss Legacy of the Thinking Cap, by Andrea13!

~Disembodied Minds
~Salazar Sulks in Sibillants
~Sue can’t do 3 things at once
~Albus a Slytherin?
~Text reader FAIL
~Bring back Dolt and Ruffian
~Really boring sex
~Why Sort?
~Greasy Git – A Brief Psychoanalysis of Severus Snape

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, PS, Rinna, Kezza
Peons: Scott, Dethryl
PeonCast: Sue, Scott, Oliversgal, Etai, Julia
Poufwa Editor: PS, Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Scott, Sue
Episode Length: 4’07’11


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