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Episode 113 – Goodbye, Farewell, Amen, and the Dangers of Oversharing

PotterFicWeekly’s third season finale, and the final episode of classic Poufwa, has been released!

Our fellow Poufwanians, after three and a half years of appendix-rupturing, whale-slicing, volcano-rupturing, scorpion-biting, vicodin-downing madness resulting in one arrest, one traffic citation, six near deaths, one aquatic fornication and matching insemination, a conversion, two weddings, three babies, two buns in the oven, a runaway tractor, two bags of non-temperate dairy products, a scandalous of use popcorn and a hit ’round the rear, the team that inspired a forum to become a family and launched more lifelong friendships that can be counted is handing over the reigns to the next generation of Poufwanians!

Everyone reading this has busy lives, and you’ve stuck with us longer than we deserved your attention and longer than we ever thought we’d need it. We can’t thank you enough for the journey! When we think back to the people we were when this whole trip started, it’s hard to believe we’re the same people. When we’re old and gray, and have several weeks free with nothing to do, we’ll listen to the whole journey again, probably having forgotten most of it, and remember very good days while asking the question any newbie would ask:

Is Jen real or did we make her up for the ratings?

First of all, PotterFicWeekly isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only getting better from here. The fourth season of PotterFicWeekly launches in the next few days and offers strikingly sober analysis of Harry Potter fan fiction with a Poufwa twist. I think that means they come prepared and do a better job than we ever did, but something blows up anyway. If you’re not done with Harry yet, the story isn’t close to ending. If you are, listen anyway. They’re Poufwanians, and this is their schedule!

Starting next week, the Poufwa Exchange launches it’s second season and is upgraded to a full-time podcast! The classic Poufwa hosts will dive into other fandoms with PotterFicWeekly-style discussion episodes that may or may not be on-topic. Read up, watch up, or come as you are. The season premiere will also be out in a few days. Here’s our upcoming lineup!

Tonight’s episode is a quadruple-length edition! We begin with a special introduction written by Scarlett, starring herself, Dethryl, PS, Scott, Sue, Jen2, Kezza, Julia, and Kat. The Friday the 13th joke was funnier when she wrote it.

We then move on to our episode discussion, concluding wonderful Kezza’s equally wonderful Rebuilding Life, discussing Chapters 46 through to the epilogue!

Straight from there, you’re all invited to the combination author interview/wrap party! It’s a good thing Kezza is one of our own, because the alcohol was flowing at this point. There’s so many bullet points I could use at this point, but all I can tell you is one very special Poufwanian woke up the next morning with no memory of the recording and a note written on her palm to call me to discuss the events of the previous evening. I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t Sarah Palin!

Bring kleenex!

And in the final episode of PeonCast, Math Geek Heaven: Arithmancy and an Imaginary Train, the Peons discuss Platform i by shewhoguards!

~Tim Tams = Yummy
~Scott’s microphone and a special hat
~Infinite fractional platforms
~Wizard spam
~We love to laugh
~Moving boundaries
~That’s not a number!
~Those weird Arithmancy wizards
~Walking into walls
~Muggles know their stuff
~Marauder daze
~Things fall apart
~This is the train you’re looking for
~Remus Van Winkle
~Last PeonCast

We hope you’ve had happy listening! Subscribe to both podcasts and stick with us in the years ahead!

So say we all!

Hosts: Ryan, Jen, PS, Kezza, Rinna, Dethryl
Peons: Sue, Scott, Julia, LadyChi, Aaron, Kat
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, OG
Poufwa Editor: Kezza
PeonCast Editor: Sue and Scott
Episode Length: 5’25’54


Do the best you can for as long as you can. Remember that all may yet be well. Don't be afraid.

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