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Episode 107 – Wannagosteadyme?

Episode 107 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Tonight, with seven episodes left before your humble hosts pass the Torch and incinerate five square-miles of Texas, Poufwa offers our final of three episodes reviewing Stealing Harry, by Sam_StoryTeller, with discussion of Chapters 22-28!

Snape works for OnStar, we remember the o-zone layer, and final thoughts on the fic!

…A slip of the tongue: there’s a book for that!
…the creepy eyes of goat boy!
…the lost art of courting!

in Episode 50! of PeonCast, Tears, Balls and Apple Pie, the Peons discuss In My Garden, by Aggiebell, AKA Jules!

This week, Peoncast covers such diverse off-topic tangents as:

Chicken balls that make Tricia run off the road
Technical difficulties and duct tape
Frozen non-hitchhikers, AKA podcasting from January
Salmon and market-freshness
The origin of cream of tartar
Mike the plant
A tangent on Thestrals
A wheelbarrow, and Uncle Algie

Happy listening!

Hosts: Ryan, Kezza, PS
Peons: Sue, Kelly, Etai
PeonCast: Sue, Kelly, Scott, Tricia, Oliversgal
Poufwa Editor: Omly
PeonCast Editor: Scott
Episode Length: 2’38’55


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