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Season 3 Guide

The Power of Truth Series, by Creativequill (Episodes 78-80)
What if the magical world DID exist? What if Harry Potter and the major characters from the books were real, and there was a very real threat looming from the magical world?

Episode 78; PoT 1-14
Episode 79; PoT 15-26
Episode 80; PoF 1-21

The When a Lioness Fights Series, by kayly silverstorm (Episodes 81-83)
Hermione Granger, master spy, and Severus Snape, spymaster to the Order. An unlikely partnership, forged to defeat the Dark Lord on his own ground. But to do so, they must confront their own darkness within.

Episode 81; Chapters 1-20
Episode 82; Chapters 21-37
Episode 83; Chapters 38-77

The Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness Series, by thanfiction (Episodes 84-87)
A novel following Neville and the D.A. through the 7th year at Hogwarts under the reign of Snape and the Carrows.

Episode 84; Chapters 1-6
Episode 85; Chapters 7-13
Episode 86; Chapters 14-19
Episode 87; Chapters 20-25, Author Interview

Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent, by Barb (Episodes 88-90)
In Harry’s fifth year he gets a snake with the Sight. Hermione’s torn between Ron and Harry, who’s torn between her and Ginny, who’s torn between him and Draco Malfoy, who’s torn between her and loyalty to his father. Plus: a Prophecy, Animagus training, a Dueling Club, Snape’s Penseive, kilts, giants, house elf liberation and more!

Episode 88; Chapters 1-10
Episode 89; Chapters 11-23
Episode 90; Chapters 24-Epilogue

Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions, by Barb (Episodes 91-94)
During his fifth year, Trelawney did a Tarot reading for Harry. She told him he would have to make a choice that could “change the world as we know it.” At the beginning of his sixth year, Harry chooses, and the world does change. Does it change for the better? If he wants, can Harry change it back? Or is giving Harry exactly what he wants Voldemort’s ultimate revenge?

Episode 91; Chapters 1-7
Episode 92; Chapters 8-14
Episode 93; Chapters 15-21

Harry Potter and the Triangle Prophecy, by Barb (Episodes 95-96)
Harry’s 7th and final year of school. In a time of uncertainty, the Muggle world has found a source of comfort and stability. Only Harry suspects that it isn’t safe. Wizards are more concerned about themselves than Muggles since Voldemort’s return, but are only Muggles at risk? Will anyone listen to Harry? He must decide whether to make a sacrifice that will change him–and the wizarding world– forever.

Episode 94; Chapters 1-10
Episode 95; Chapters 11-23
Episode 96; Chapters 24-Epilogue; Author Interview

The In Blood Only Series, by E.M. Snape (Episodes 97-101)
Snape is Harry’s father. No one is happy to hear it.

Episode 97; Chapters 1-14
Episode 98; Chapters 15-24
Episode 99; Chapters 25-34
Episode 101; Chapters 35-45

The Tale of a Time Long Gone Series, by Star of the North (Episodes 102-104)

Episode 102; Chapters 1-7
Episode 103; Chapters 8-15
Episode 104; Chapters 16-24; 25-32

The Stealing Harry Series, by samvimes (Episodes 105-107)
Stealing Harry grabs canon by the throat and disembowls it. If Lucius Malfoy got to Peter Pettigrew before Sirius could, Sirius would be a bookshop owner, Remus would have a steady job, and one day, when Harry Potter was eight-and-a-half years old, they might kidnap him from the Dursleys… (Sirius/Remus in later chapters)

Episode 105; Chapters 1-6
Episode 106; Chapters 7-21 (PS’s Favorite Episode)
Episode 107; Chapters 22-28

The Rebuilding Life Series, by Kezzabear (Episodes 108-113)
Summary: Harry has defeated Voldemort but is going back to his life going to be easy? What will he go back to, the life he once had is meaningless now. It’s time to build a new one and to create a new post-Voldemort world. Ginny is there waiting for him, what do they need to do to rebuild their lives?

Episode 108; Chapters 1-15
Episode 109; Chapters 16-21
Episode 110; Chapters 22-29
Episode 111; Chapters 30-38
Episode 112; Chapters 39-45
Episode 113; Chapters 46-51; Wrap Party

Special Editions

Special Edition 18 – Squeefest Half-Blood Prince; Half-Blood Prince reaction
Special Edition 19 – Sirius is Scooby Doo, Ron is Santa and Pumpkins are ice cream; Halloween Edition
Special Edition 20: Peons and Presents; Poufwa Looks Back!; Holiday Episode
Special Edition 21: Shut the hell up, Love Poufwa!; Half-Blood Prince Commentary
Episode 100; Good Evening, and Welcome to MasterFic Theater!
Episode 108.5; Deathly Hallows Trailer Talk
Special Edition 46; And Now, PotterFicWeekly, Part 1

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