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Episode 57 – Why we should never, ever podcast at 2:13 in the morning


Episode 57 of PotterFicWeekly has been released!

Prepare for classic Poufwa. In this episode, your humble hosts gathered together for our ritualistic recording session as prepared as always!

I drank the first batch of coffee to brew and was off the wall.

Jen got sick at the last minute and had to back out.

LadyChi downed some cold medicine. We’ve never had a problem with that before!

Rinna was recovering from a recent assassination attempt and may have been a bit cranky.

Aaron filled in for Jen at the last minute and had a whole six minutes to reread the chapters!

Suffice to say, while that recording will be buried in Poufwa’s special place with the lost version of Episode 8, we did manage to salvage what is probably the best debate on the merits of the Harry/Hermione ship I’ve heard anywhere and it will air at the conclusion of the episode.

Kezza, Sueatducksfoot, Rae, Aaron and I were luckily able to schedule time to rerecord!

…at 12:15 in the morning.

Anyone who tells you that middle-of-the-night podcasts go well is lying to you. Run away from these people.

The later it gets, the less in touch with reality we are, and the more likely I am to quote Star Trek.

Future-Kezza should be immune, you say? Not. So. Much.

Please enjoy our discussion of Chapters 4-10 of Lori’s, The Show That Never Ends!

This week on Peoncast:

The peons tackle Snarry! If the thought of Harry/Snape makes you feel like Jen during her first trimester, this is the episode for you! Bonus points to Kezza and Scott for what has to be my favorite episode of PeonCast yet!

Happy listening!


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