Welcome to the place where the story never ends!

Episode 100 – Good Evening, and Welcome to MasterFic Theater!

After 38 months, 99 episodes, 21 special editions, and fourteen days, thirteen hours, ten minutes, and five seconds of conversation packed with volcanic eruptions, erectile dysfunction, hyper-electrocuted mascots, twenty-six near death experiences and the bulk purchase of Kool-Aid, members of the Poufwa community got together to produce skits for every fic covered by PotterFicWeekly!

You may laugh, you may cry, and you may want to cry. You may be moved–we won’t say where–and regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, your water will break.

This project was conceived by Jen on March 17, 2009, and has literally been one year in the making. With thirty different versions of every line in a bajillion different pieces, Scott and Sue labored and edited this project every day for the past year, finding the perfect music and just the right sound effect, and then edited it all over again just to make it better! I got my hands on it and broke it within minutes, but luckily Poufwa stocks duct-tape by the crate.

PotterFicWeekly proudly presents Episode 100, a Masterfic Theatre production. Welcome to the place where the story never ends.

We won’t let it.

Happy listening!


Do the best you can for as long as you can. Remember that all may yet be well. Don't be afraid.

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