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Special Edition 46 – And Now, PotterFicWeekly, Part 1: Ten Years of Poufwa

Greetings Poufwa! Ryan here! I’m both in awe that it’s been ten years since the launch of the Poufwa community, and that my password still works! (Sue’s not big into locking doors.)

Following every season of Poufwa, we would put together a recap episode of all the best moments. The first was over six hours long, crashed my first laptop, and had to be recreated from scratch. (I cried.) The second was double the size and needed a whole team to help pull it together. For my third and final season working on the podcast, having just turned the podcast over to Sue, I decided to take my time and do it personally, as a gift to the community.

Well, that was almost eight years ago.

I’ve had stuff!

In honor of the tenth anniversary of our community, I’ve decided to share what I have so far. It’s about a third complete, but represents a lost age of PotterFicWeekly. The first season is the golden year everyone remembers. The second season was when we brought Kezza, Jen2, PS, and Mike onto the show, doubled the number of fics we covered, and really had fun. We knew the third season would be our last year together, so we made sure to enjoy the hell out of it, but the reality is more people have time to listen to the Episode 13 of a podcast than Episode 83.

This episode represents some of the best work we ever did that you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet.

More than that, given how much time has gone by, it’s a chance for us to go back in time. That we spend the bulk of an episode trying to make a long-distance phone call while referencing my giant, corded headphones is testament to that.

And I promise to finish this episode before our platinum anniversary.

Happy listening, with love.

Total runtime: 6’14’27


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