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Special Edition 18 – Squeefest Half-Blood Prince!

Our thrilling round robin episode where we discuss the great and important points of the new Half-Blood Prince film has been released! Early!

It’s Classic Jen as she falls off the line, Ultimate Jen2 as she has an Ebaby related emergency and Richard and PS hold to Poufwa tradition by shocking us all.

It’s not a commentary but because we’ve all been to see it twice in 24 hours we know half the scenes off by heart and learned to love the Harry/Ginny moments.

We’re not sure exactly what happened, but somewhere along the way we wanted to wrap Slughorn in a blanket, take Dan Radcliffe home and keep him on a shelf to amuse us and fell in love with Michael Gambon. WTF? Michael Gambon, FTW?

Oh, if you’re wondering – For The Win!

Episode Hosts: Kezza, Jen1, Jen2, PS, Melindaleo, Kismatt, Richard, Dan, Tim, Ryan
Editor: Kezza, she who has not slept
Episode Length: 1’51’49


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