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Episode 252: My Name is Moony and I Approve this Message

In this our second installment of “Dudley’s Dilemma” by kakistocrat, we have Scott to teach us how to say the author’s name. Some of the hosts have been to see Fantastic Beasts, so we have some talk about that. There’s also a lot of pet talk scattered throughout the podcast. We are a little more off topic than usual and that’s saying something. In the story, we see that one shouldn’t drive when tired and that Harry should probably have himself arrested. Dustin goes to Hogwarts and Kate starts a new career. All in all we get to know the family a little bit better. We hope you are enjoying our coverage of this story.

Tricia shares a little about what’s been happening with her family. If you are so inclined she would appreciate any good thoughts you can send their way.

Also in the podcast:

David Tennent in town
Fantastic Beasts
Sexy wiggle
Poor Hippo
Scary beasts
I want a Niffler
Country doctoring
Thanksgiving podcast
Young and stupid
Alligators oh my.
A lie or is it?
Golf shirt
Got insurance?
Rabbit food
Two wieners
Dustin’s house
Pay the owl
Don’t taunt the cat
Give your cat a bath
I Wanna Be a Wizard
Scott is smart
Rabbits are Legos
We did cheat
Banished from the kitchen
Aunt Marge
Ugly dogs

Hosts: Sue, Moony, Scott, Tricia
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2:17:21


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