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Episode 248: Breathing is Important

This is our last episode on “These Cuts I Have” by Melindaleo. In this episode we get to find out if Harry survives Melinda’s love. We also get to see broom racing, baby Teddy and Doxy venom. The hosts have moments of snow, kittens and Loot Crate. We have all enjoyed reading Melinda’s story and are very glad we began Season Eight with it. Melinda, we are thankful you found your muse and began writing again.

We want to thank Lena of The Butterbeer Experience for allowing us to share her music in this podcast.

Next up is a long one shot where we watch Professor Snape try and deal with a student named Luna Lovegood.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Chapter 26
Sue messed up
Sue’s a cyclops
Ginny’s Bad Day
Totally Poisoned
Teddy rolls over
Panic attack
I’m 17!!!
Take my money
Dude, heal yourself
Not my wand
Neville the supplier
Don’t say fine
Broom race
Don’t be a Downer
Wing Man Percy

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 1’53’24


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