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Episode 245: Harry Potter Got Nuked

Here is our second installment of “These Cuts I Have”by Melindaleo. We begin with a body and then a presumed death and go on from there. Harry wakes in the hospital and we discuss bath rooming issues. George makes a statement we have all thought, even if we would never say it out loud. Melinda shows her special kind of love for Harry in many ways in these chapters. We also discover that she’s up to her old foreshadowing tricks, did she help write Cursed Child?

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Don’t ask
Coven of Creepy
Showers or sponge baths
Sue overshares
Memory charms
Purple Lollies
Home for dinner
Drunk Quidditch
Harry gets Mad!

Hosts: Sue, Trica
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Wolfie
Total runtime: 1’49’05


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