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Special Edition 45: Ron’s Shopping Adventures

We wanted to do a holiday podcast but things got crazy around the holidays so it didn’t happen. Then we found this nice little fic that was everything we’d been looking for, so we give you “Ron’s Muggle Christmas” by honourweasley12. This was a two take podcast as it didn’t record the first time so we did it again.  We’d also like to announce that Moony has been promoted to full time host.  Congrats Moony!!  In the story we find that Ron is joining Hermione and her parents for Christmas Eve and he’s in charge of the gifts.  This Ron is thoughtful and really wants to find the best gifts he can.  We hope that you enjoy this fic as much as we did. 

The author had some comments about the podcast which can be viewed on the forum. You can check them out here.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Talking to the mannequin
Snowflake jammies
Cuff links
More than you ever wanted to know about men’s attire
Christmas Eve NOT New Years Eve
Disguised Harry
Sue’s reading Rita Skeeter
Dinner goes well
Footed Jammies
The door stays open

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 57’45


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