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Episode 247: Say Anything But “Fine”

We continue our coverage of “These Cuts I Have” by Melindaleo. It’s “talk like a pirate day”, too bad only Scott knows this. Sue is back to work and knows her bird eggs. In the story, Arthur calls a Family Meeting, the trio has “take out” Chinese and there’s snogging. Harry and Ron go on a raid and Harry gets a new broom. Ron leaves a special gift for the Dusrley’s and we see Umbridge’s trial. Harry has a cold, but he tells everyone that he’s fine.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

Talk like a pirate
Pirate Queen
Young Harry picture
The date
Death Eater
Family Meeting
New broom
It’s a raid
Time with Teddy
It’s just a cold
Dursley hunting
Bank vaults
He’s like totally poisoned
It was a trap
A deal with Draco
Birthday Owl

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Wolfie
Total runtime: 2’24’37


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