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Episode 246: There’s No Such Thing as Magic

We are about half way through our coverage of “These Cuts I Have” by Melindaleo. We start off with some of Melinda’s thoughts on our first podcast.  Our hosts find that Sue’s cat is eating things he shouldn’t, Moony is swinging and Scott’s got a babyface. In the story we wonder why DHS wasn’t called when Harry was a child.  We also wonder if carpets can get drunk and if Draco is Harry’s next of kin. Scott shares a link of advertising that gets disability right. They are well worth watching.

Meanwhile in this podcast:

House Elf Rebel
The Poor Me’s
I’m fine
Harry is the abby normal one
Flying books
You have a sister?
Flip Floo
Little Harry
Watering Petunia’s plants
Ice cream
Mud puddle stomping
Toss the Toddler
Memory Charms
Date night

Hosts: Sue, Scott
Guest Host: Moony
Editor: Sue
Total runtime: 2’17’09


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