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Episode 266: Quality Quidditch and Where to Find It

Sorry this is so late, but better late than never. Here is the third installment of “Becoming Neville” by Jedi Rita. In this episode we learn that one should never cuddle their chickens. In the story we find out Snape’s favorite student. We see Gran stick up for Neville and find out that Harry is a film star. We hope you are enjoying this story.

We’d like to thank Lena of the Butterbeer Experience for allowing us to share her song.

Also in the episode:

Job interviews
W towns
We believe in magic
Poufwanian’s in DC?
D 20
No pennies
Adult beverages
Overdue library book
What’s his name

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Moony and maybe Tricia
Editor: Sue
Run Time: 1’53’21


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