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Episode 262: Tricia Works for Snape

We go back to our roots with this little one shot.  Please enjoy “The Greatest Minister of Magic” by BajaB. In this episode we get Tricia back, she has stories and a lotta cheese.  Hopefully it’s not bad cheese…. In the story we see Fudge how it could have been if things had been different.  This is shorter than we usually do, but it was interesting so we thought you’d enjoy it and our discussion.  We hope you do.

Also in the episode:

Free stuff
Dumb host stories
Snape with Harry Potter Glasses
Are you a witch?
I have questions
Talk to the Muggles more
New voters
The Greatest Minister
Other stories from the author

Hosts: Sue, Scott, Tricia, Moony
Editor: Sue on vacation with no internet
Run Time: 1:00:55


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