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Episode 183: Blizzards, Blue Chicks and Spring Fever!

We are enjoying finding out what happens when Vernon is “A Better Man ” in Valandar’s story.  We start with Hagrid as Father Christmas with real elves to help him out. Harry and crew find out how hard it is to sneak your gifts when Albus is around to put spells on the room. Even an invisible cloak doesn’t help.  Kelly drops by, it’s great to have her back.  As usual we talk about the weather, baseball and pets. (Some things never change) We learn that Voldie has a special gift for Harry, that Harry is related to royalty and that Slytherin’s can be played like a chess set. We are just past the half way mark and are looking forward to what happens in the next few chapters. We hope you are reading along with us.

Also in this podcast:

~Hitting “below the belt”
~Spell burns
~Four stages
~Weasley’s in drag
~Peter caught
~High bond
~Old joke

Hosts: Sue, Kelly, Scott
Editor: Sue
Time: 1’33’20


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