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Episode 177: Splinters, Dude and Hagrid PI!!

In this episode we find out about Neville as he moves on after the Final Battle in “A Most Interesting Career” by Step_fics. Sue has a lot of love for this story, not only does it have Neville, but it has a pet venomous tentacula plant. Kat and Jenny get roped into the podcast at the last minute, but still have a lot to say about it. We all have an animal story to share, we try and kill Kat and there are plot bunnies. Sue alarms Kat with her remedy for splinters. We find out that Neville comes up with the perfect way to start each first year class, would you earn or loose points?

Also in this episode:

~Umbridge the Puff
~Don’t poke it
~Potion plants
~Head of House

Hosts: Sue
Guest Hosts: Kat, Jenny
Time: 1’35’04


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