Welcome to the place where the story never ends!

Episode 178: Sue’s Sick, Scott’s Monologuing and Tricia says, “Aw Puke.”

This may be Poufwa’s shortest podcast ever! In this episode we talk about Ron and Hermione’s wedding in “Eleven Slightly Irreverent Ron and Hermione’s Wedding Moments ”by redsiodaslair. We find Sue dying, Scott channeling Ryan and Tricia underwater as we try and discuss this story. Tricia thinks it’s too fluffy, but we do get Charlie in a towel, so it can’t be all bad.

Also on this podcast:
~Mr. Poe
~No fighting foreplay
~Roll reversal
~Bill with a bucke
~Hermione’s secret
~”My wife”
~Tiger Balm
~Spoons falling

Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Scott
Time: 38’39


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