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Episode 196: Pink. Ruffles. Pomeranians!

We are half way through “Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger” by Bartimus Crotchety. In this episode we get a Tricia prediction and it’s not Edgecomb. We also find out about Jenny’s menagerie, Sue’s mouse and what’s happening with Scott’s audio. We discover why Hufflepuffs are probably fat, why Albus is mello and that Percy is a gambling man. The story is heating up, we hope you are following along.
Also in this podcast:

~Author notes
~Moose munch
~Apple Jack
~Picking pockets
~Anger management
~Growltooth the Blackmailer
~Luck: Good and Bad
~Old friends
~Rita’s chip off the old block.

Host: Sue, Scott, Tricia
Guest host: Jenny
Editor: Sue
Time: 2’02’20


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