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Episode 176: Fire to Flood and a Kiss

We end our coverage of “My Nephew Harry” by Lucillia, tonight. We have enjoyed all the plot bunnies spawned by this story. In this episode we hear Petunia’s side of things, get a taste of Rita’s quill and find that Vernon steps up. We also have dog and cat cast. We find that Lucillia is a prolific writer in many fandoms.
We hope you enjoyed our podcasts on My Nephew Harry. If you have feedback, please go to the Potterficforum and let us know what you think.

And now a word from the author. “I found the podcasts to be reasonably nice and well done, and didn’t have any problems with the criticism I received. To all of those for whom my story/stories spawn Plot Bunnies, I say take them and run, either that or run from them. As for the number of stories I have going, I don’t have an attention span pro-…Oooh Shiny!”

Also on this podcast:
~The weather
~Bloddy nose
~Harry scores
~Kelly needs wadders
~Microwave woes
~Extra Fluffy

Hosts: Sue, Tricia, Kelly
Guest Hosts: Jenny
Time: 1’05’46


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